Should Use Fabric Conditioner For Newborn Clothes Or Not?

Fabric conditioner is often known as helping clothes softer and sweet-smelling, however, fabric conditioner is also a chemical, so moms are always worried whether to use fabric conditioner for baby clothes, especially in the rainy season when clothes are susceptible to mold smell. Because sensitive and vulnerable baby’s skin, moms want to use fabric conditioner for their baby clothes to make them soft and smooth with baby’s skin, however, they still worry about the pros and cons. Should I use fabric conditioner for baby clothes?

Should use fabric conditioner for newborn clothes or not?

Baby clothes are always chosen carefully with the best soften fabric, but over time, the laundry detergent cause more rough, friction and discomfort on baby’s skin. Sunshine is a natural disinfectant with no side effects. However, after each wash and drying in the sunlight, the fabric fibers become hard and rough without using fabric conditioner. Thanks to fabric conditioner, the baby clothes made by cotton are still soft, durable, even when exposed to the sun, to nourish the baby’s skin. Therefore, the selection of products suit for baby skin is very important. Moms should choose the natural flavors, mild fragrance. Currently, there are plenty of safe fabric conditioner for baby’s skin so that mom can easily choose.

Fabric conditioner can cause skin allergies if mom chooses inappropriate ones. Their ingredients can irritate the baby’s skin when contacting, or the scent makes baby feel uncomfortable, vomiting, …

Notes when using baby fabric conditioner:

The mom’s first choice for her baby should be tested and certified for neonatal use.

Fragrance: Moms should choose a mild and natural scent such as roses, jasmine, … If your baby is allergic to fragrance, look for an odor – free ones.

Softness: Mom should buy a small trial package to evaluate the softness of fabric conditioner for baby clothes. Softness is an important factor in evaluating fabric conditioner, especially when used on neonatal clothing.

Are there any reliable brands for newborns clothes?

There are two kinds of products

Fabric conditioner: The popular and reliable brands in the Vietnamese market are Comfort (Comfort Ultra Pure) and Downy (Downy Baby Gentle).

Liquid detergent plus fabric conditioner (used as washing water, besides, having softening and flowering effects like fabric conditioner):

Brand names such as Daddy Baby, Farlin, Kodomo, Seventh Generation, D- nee or sleek baby …

How to protect baby clothes better?

The best way is to wash your baby’s clothes separately. Best, wash your hands. If moms do not have much time, choose a light wash mode on the machine, suitable for baby’s soft material.

Use fabric conditioner for only baby’s clothes

Use mild laundry detergent for less dirt-stained clothes, and use fabric conditioner for baby clothes. These products are not only safe for the baby’s sensitive, immature but also pleasant scent, bleach is not much help to make clothes nice, soft, less fade.

Always use fabric conditioner for the last washcloth, and be sure to dissolve fabric conditioner in water before putting the clothes in, so that fabric conditioner dissolves in water, according to the instructions on the package. Remember to soak for at least 10 minutes, and note that do not re-wash after using fabric conditioner.

So mom completely assure to use fabric conditioner for baby clothes. But to protect the sensitive skin, you need to find out carefully, choose products dedicated to baby, with a pleasant scent and smoothness satisfactory. It is best to try before choosing to buy for baby’s clothes in long term.

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