Things You Need To Know About Coca Cola Plus Coffee Vietnam

Vietnam Coca Cola plus Coffee

Coca Cola adds fresh, original coffee. Especially for those who need to be alert and alert after working and studying lazily.

The new Coca Cola tast Coffee

The new Coca Cola product adds pure coffee is the creative and unique combination between the delicious Coca-Cola flavor. That is full of excitement and pure cafe. The drink that is a habit and now has become culture in Vietnamese life. The CocaCola product adds new pure coffee as an innovative soft drink. Along side products that have been favored by consumers such as traditional red Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Zero sugar with similar flavor self-produced traditional Coca-Cola products without sugar. Coca-Cola Light with gentle taste and no sugar.

Aiming to become a soft drink brand for everyone. Coca-Cola always takes consumers as the focus of its sustainable development strategy. In addition to taking into account diverse tastes. Coca-Cola also focuses on research to adjust and improve the formula, reducing the amount of sugar in a reasonable manner, towards the benefits of human health. In each country, based on their understanding of consumers’ tastes, the need to find quality products, Coca Cola Plus Coffee constantly researches and launches new product lines with special characteristics. unique, new experiences. Specifically in Vietnam. Coca Cola Plus Coffee add pure coffee, in 100ml capacity, reduce 50% of sugar (equivalent to 5g sugar) compared to original Coca Cola products and 30% caffeine supplement (equivalent to 13mg of caffeine). The product once again affirms its commitment to constantly bring consumers high quality products, serving the needs, tastes, diets and diverse lifestyle of users.

Vietnam Coke Plus Coffee

The goal of Coca Cola Plus Coffee Vietnam

With the goal of becoming a beverage brand for everyone, besides offering taste experiences. Newly, Coca Cola Plus Coffee has simultaneously cut sugar and calories on many products, improved product formulas, added new features, introduced a variety of new products, good products. small area, clear nutrition information. The launch of the Coca-Cola product adds pure cafe in the Vietnamese market, demonstrating the desire to understand and satisfy consumers’ tastes, and at the same time an effort to create new products suitable for nutritional needs of consumers in modern life.

The Coca Cola Plus Coffee product adds a new coffee flavor that promises to be a companion to awaken the ability to concentrate in the middle of the morning or after lunch break, arousing the spirit of learning and exciting work. Not a cup of coffee that is too dense, not only the familiar flavor of traditional Cola. Coca Cola Plus Coffee adds pure coffee to the new drink, which is expected to bring about an extreme taste experience. cheery; is a drink all the time, every place for urban people with an active life always needs alertness, creativity to be active in all daily activities.

Information about Coca-Cola International Company

Coca-Cola Group  is the world’s largest beverage company. Providing more than 500 beverage brands to consumers in more than 200 countries. 19 of the company’s 21 billion-dollar brands are low-end and sugar-free products to help consumers regulate consumption.

Besides Coca Cola products, some of our leading brands worldwide include: soft drinks from Soy AdeS, Ayataka Green Tea, Dasani Bottled Water, Juice Del Valle, Fanta, Georgia Coffee, Gold Peak Tea and Coffee, Honest Tea, Minute Maid juices, Powerade sports drinks, Simply juice, Sprite, Smartwater products, vitaminwater, and Zico coconut water.

At Coca-Cola, we are particularly interested in making positive contributions to the world. The journey begins by reducing the amount of sugar in our products as well as introducing products with added benefits. It also means the company’s efforts to reduce environmental impact, build adequate career development opportunities, and bring positive contributions to the economy of the world.

Vietnam Coca Cola Plus Coffee Soft Drink
coca cola cafe

Information about Coca Cola Vietnam

Coca-Cola is one of the most famous international brands in Vietnam. Coca-Cola Vietnam currently has factories located in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi, creating about 4,000 direct jobs as well as indirectly creating 6 to 10 times more jobs from activities in your supply chain.

With the orientation of becoming a comprehensive beverage company towards consumers. The company is constantly improving a wide variety of quality and diversified soft drinks. Lines of low sugar and sugar-free, and diversifying models and expanding the level Business coverage everywhere. Beverage brands of Coca Cola Vietnam include Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid Nutriboost, Minute Maid Teppy, Schweppes, Dasani and Aquarius.

Since 2017, grasping the trend of consumption in Vietnam. Coca Cola Vietnam has actively diversified its product portfolio with the appearance of Fuzetea + fruit and bottled tea drinks, canned coffee. Georgia. With CocaCola Vietnam, sustainable development is always considered the focus of the company’s business activities. Including a safe, healthy work environment, and a priority for training and development. tablets. Sustainable development programs are also demonstrated by specific goals for energy saving, efficient water use and water balance. The company continues to build sustainable communities where the company operates.

Since 2010, Coca-Cola has invested millions of dollars in a series of community projects in Vietnam, including the ekocenter  community support center project, access to clean water and conservation programs, water resources, women’s capacity building, support for small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, support for disadvantaged families, disaster preparedness and response.


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