The Value Nutrition Of Ovaltine Milk

Ovaltine Milk

The Value Nutrition Of Ovaltine Milk

The history of Ovaltine Chocolate Milk.

“Ovaltine Milk was developed in Bern, Switzerland. Where it is known by its original name. Ovaltine (from ovum, Latin for “egg”, and malt, which were originally its main ingredients). Soon after its invention, the factory move out to the village of Neuenegg, a few kilometres west of Bern. Where it is still produce.

Ovomaltine was export to Britain in 1909. A misspelling of the name on the trademark registration application led to the name being shorten to Ovaltine in English-speaking markets. A factory was built in Kings Langley, which export it to the United States as well. By 1915, Ovaltine was being manufacture in Villa Park, Illinois, for the U.S. market. Ovaltine was later manufacture in Peterborough, Ontario, for distribution in Canada.” according to Wikipedia.

The original formulation of the Ovaltine included “malt, milk, eggs, flavors with cocoa”, then the formula has changed over time, and today there are several different formulas in different countries of world.

The popular malt chocolate version is a powder that is mix with hot or cold water as a drink. Ovaltine water version in paper box. Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix Powder Milk 400G. Malt Ovaltine without cocoa and rich chocolate Ovaltine without malt. Ovaltine is also available in the form of chocolate bars, and breakfast cereals, the first brand to connect cereals with chocolate drinks.

Nutrition Facts in Ovaltine.

Ovaltine milk contains a variety of vitamins B, B2, B3, B6, B12. Vitamin B is use in the body to convert food into energy and control appetite, mood, sleep, spasm and relaxation of the nerves and muscles, and metabolism.
Ovaltine powder contains both calcium and vitamin D, essential for bone growth and enhancement. This combination of vitamins and minerals is especially important for babies. Due to the natural aging process, bones become less dense as the years go by, making them more susceptible to fractures and increased risk of developing osteoporosis.


Inadequate calcium and vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis. Iron ore, found in Ovaltine. It is important in the delivery of oxygen throughout the body and for the production of hemoglobin. A person with iron deficiency anemia can develop iron deficiency anemia. Which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, rapid pulse and shortness of breath.
Ovaltine is a combination of milk nutrients, nutrients from barley and delicious cocoa. Adding Cholin helps support brain function, essential for memory and vitamin D3. Which helps the body absorb calcium better, along with some vitamins and minerals essential for the body every day.

 Ovaltine Chocolate Milk for children.

Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix Powder Milk 400G, contain in taste malt and chocolate, essential vitamins and minerals. Children and adults drink ovaltine as a hot or cold drink. Ovaltine provides health benefits by providing a significant amount of certain vitamins and minerals.

Ovaltine milk provides protein and vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to normal immune function and iron absorption from food. Protein also contributes to keeping your immune system robust. Transporting and storing nutrients can act as an energy source, if needed. In general, these functions make the protein one of the most important nutrients for your health, and a requirement for growth and normal development in children.

Ovaltine milk is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and contains high levels of calcium and phosphorus. So, Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix Powder Milk is the ideal food to protect your health and help everyone. All ages in the house are always active. These benefits will be fully exploit if fresh milk is taken in the morning, the time when protein. Calcium and nutrients in fresh milk are absorb by the body most easily.


Ovaltine provides additional energy to boost the body’s activity without causing pressure or discomfort to the digestive system. For each baby, each ovaltine (180ml) box will meet about 9% of the energy required, helping her start the day with enthusiasm. With three, the ovaltine milk bottle will help replenish lost calories during a stressful, noxious exercise like starch or vegetable protein.

Ovaltine milk provides B vitamins and Choline plentiful to add extra energy to the baby’s spirit of refreshing to wake up excited both while learning and playing with friends. Ovaltine is not a safe preservative for baby, calcium supplement helps to develop height. Milk and barley are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals for energy and cocoa powder delicious.

Not only is it a delicious drink with a delicious cacoa, Ovaltine milk is rich in fiber, helping the baby to absorb nutrients better and support the digestive system of healthy baby.


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