• Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1. The Internet portal targeted to selected persons by the Newsletter is at the website www.rakhoiwholesale.com(hereinafter referred to as the Portal) and presents selected products in the current offer of the Seller and enables the establishment of commercial relations between the Site Administrator and Portal user to sell the Products offered by the Portal Administrator through standard distribution channels.

2. The portal carries out, manages and administers a company operating under the business of Rakhoi Wholesale Company limited partnership with its seat in 590 Lien Phuong street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register registered in the District Court for m.st. Warsaw, 14th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number….., NIP: ……, called the Administrator of the Portal.

3. The newsletter is addressed only to persons who are employees, co-workers on the basis of any legal relationship of entities conducting business activity, ie natural persons conducting business activity, legal entities and organizational units without legal personality but equipped with legal capacity. Only authorized persons acting on behalf of or for the benefit of the business entities mentioned above may act on the Portal.

4. Users of the Portal are obliged to familiarize themselves with the content of the Terms of Use before using it, and to respect the terms and conditions of the Terms, including mandatory legal provisions. Use of the Portal in a manner incompatible with the law, including acts or omissions infringing on the personal rights of others, or copyrights or intellectual property rights, etc., and the posting or dissemination through it of such content, including untrue, misleading, as well as the information constituting the act of unfair competition is prohibited. In the event of such actions, the administrator of the Portal is entitled to take all necessary and required by law to protect his own interests or interests,

5. For the purposes of using the Portal services, the Portal User shall meet the following conditions:

6. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply, the definitions of which are as follows:

1) Portal User – the person to whom the newsletter was addressed earlier in commercial relations with the Portal Administrator, who has given prior consent to sending its commercial information by the Portal Administrator regarding the Products offered by that Portal using the Portal;

2) Portal Administrator – an entity listed in Chapter I para. (2) of the Rules of Procedure, conducting business in the FCMG sector, selling such products to entities engaged in business activities.

3) Portal – an Internet platform managed, managed and operated by the Portal Administrator, which is redirected only after a positive response to the posted Newsletter, which enables the user to redirect the Portal to the Administrator Merchant or the coordinator of the Portal redirection process.

4) Newsletter – an electronic version of the newsletter not being an Administrator’s commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66 or Article 661 of the Civil Code, informing about currently available Products with the Portal Administrator.

5) Products – goods offered by the Administrator of the Portal, in particular food products, household chemicals, hygienic and other products – which may be traded, ie sale and purchase agreements between the Site Administrator and the entity represented by the Portal User in accordance with the law .


1. The User of the Portal, if interested in the Products contained in the Newsletter and filling in the relevant form and sending it via electronic mail to the Website may, through the Portal, contact the Coordinator, who will redirect him to the appropriate merchant or directly contact the merchant responsible for the Portal User or Also after completing the order form for the 3rd category of products (beverages, food, non-food) that goes to the Coordinator and then to the appropriate salesman. Further activities are performed outside the Portal by email, telephone or otherwise agreed by the parties.

2. The prices quoted in the Newsletter for individual products are only examples of net prices which should not be considered as binding prices. The final price for the Products will be the result of negotiations and findings between the Portal User and the Administrator of the Portal. 3. In the Portal User form fill in the following fields: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________


1. The Portal User may submit to the Administrator of the Portal complaints about the operation of the Portal.

2. Applications may be submitted electronically to the following address: _________________ on the basis of the relevant form.

3. Only a fully completed complaint form will be recognized.

4. Within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complete complaint, the Portal User will be informed electronically about whether the complaint has been acknowledged and how it was resolved to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint.


1. Activities performed on the Portal are subject to Polish legislation.

2. In matters not regulated, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly.

3. The Administrator of the Portal has the right to make changes to this Regulation. Information will be published within the Portal at least 7 days before the change. If the Portal User still wants to use the services offered by the Portal, he will have to accept the new Terms and Conditions.

4. In the event of a dispute concerning the use of the Portal, the parties will first resolve amicably. In case of failure to reach an agreement in this mode, the court competent to resolve the dispute will be competent for the seat of the Administrator of the Portal.

5. The Portal and its content are subject to legal protection, and all copyrighted property rights to the contents contained therein belong to the Administrator of the Portal.

6. The Portal Administrator is not responsible for the content posted by the Users of the Portal, and therefore is not responsible for any infringement of any third party rights, including intellectual property rights, property rights and personal copyrights caused by such content.