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Sprite Soft Drink 330ML

70% of our body is water. There is no doubt about the benefits of drinking water for the body. Sprite Sleek has a lemon flavor that appeals to the user. Sprite water can help to make the taste darker, stimulating the taste is often used in the meal or party, meet. In addition, drinking Sprite Soft Drink 330ml while eating will help the digestion process is better. Makes it easier to swallow dry food. Imagine how much you would have to eat pies or biscuits when not drinking water.

Sprite sleek soft drink can break down large blocks of food, making them easier to circulate in the digestive tract. Sprite acts as a natural lubricant for the intestinal wall, preventing bloating, constipation.Above all, you should know that the stomach has to expel water along with acid secretion and enzymes. Without water, these enzymes will not function effectively.As such, liquids that are specific to water are essential for digestion. They can be consumed at the same meal with reasonable amounts. But not all, eating and drinking not only improve the digestive process.

Sprite Soft Drink informationSprite Sleek 330ml beverages are carbonated soft drinks, lemons, attractive to users. Sprite water can be darker, stimulating the air conditioning system used in meals or parties, meet.Cyclone 24 Sprite Soft Drink 330ml with raw materials produced by modern technological lines according to strict inspection procedures.The product is a refreshing drink that helps to supplement vitamin and mineral well for the body.Using the product is a quick way to rehydrate your body when exercising or playing sports. In addition, the composition of the product does not contain toxic chemicals, ensuring safety for the health of consumers.Sprite bottled Gas Bottle with convenient lid for convenient use and storage.

Highlights:Sprite Sleek 330ml can contain natural, safe, no harmful ingredients.Help quench thirst, and provide energy to the user.The aroma of lemon and the combination of vitamins and minerals make you feel refreshed, full of health.This product provides energy to the body and helps to renew urine.Sprite Sleek, a Coca Cola company, must ensure food hygiene and safety standards.

Use:Sprite Sleek is an effective cooling solution for hot days. Sprite Soda Lemon Lime Recipes For Summer Heat.Lemon flavor gives you a refreshing feeling when drinking alcohol while providing a positive energy source for the body.Ingredients: C02 saturated water, HFCS sugar, cane sugar, acidity adjustable (330, 331), natural lemon flavor and stabilizer (211).

Directions: Use directly, preferably when drinking cold.Products are made in VietnamStore in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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