Sprite Soda Lemon Lime Recipes For Summer Heat

Sprite Soda Lemon Lime

Sprite Soda Lemon Lime Recipes For Summer Heat

Summer brings the hot sun that makes our body feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Sweat is constantly release to cool the body, causing severe dehydration. Harmful to our health and especially to our skin. Therefore, providing enough water for the body is very important. There are cool water like Sprite Soft Drink 330ml will help cool, soothe the feeling of heat, discomfort. The goal of choosing hot summer drinks is nothing more than: Sprite Soda Lemon Lime, refreshment, heat bar, body cooling. Summer is the most exciting season of the year. It is a good time to organize parties for friends and relatives.


Barbecue is a popular idea in the summer, despite the hot weather. At the barbecue party, you should have some form of marinated meat for everyone to choose. In addition, you can also combine meat with bread, potatoes and other vegetables. Eating barbecue can not lack the combination of lemon juice Sprite. Sprite soda lemon lime recipes for summer heat. Stimulate the palate of your whole family. Watermelon will be a dessert not to be missed in this party. Start the summer with exciting parties. Family, friends will have a barbecue, baked sweet potatoes, enjoy the fresh air and cool of the afternoon when the sun just dropped.

Party “frozen”

It’s definitely a great idea as the summer is going through the hottest days. Frozen food such as stir-fried custard, fruit juice, lemon soda, ice cream and other fruits will all make the party feel good and feel the hospitality of the host. . You should keep the food in the fridge until you start eating, if you do not want the preparation dishes will melt, lose flavor.

Seafood party.

Seafood items will be extremely eye-catching on the table through the aesthetic eye as well as the creativity of your idea of ​​the party. There is no need for seafood for a party, as it is difficult for people to enjoy and feel the taste. Just a few dishes but made with all love, will definitely get the support from the participants.

Do not forget to let your friends and family know if you have any allergies to seafood. What better way to be immerse in a seafood feast, which adds to the flavor of Sprite Sleek Soft Drink along the seashore with friends and relatives. If not, you can still have a seafood party right at your home. It will be an unforgettable memory.


When the night falls, it is hard to dance, eat with friends and relatives in the fire flicker beautiful. You need to plan for a trip like this: places, things to bring, food … Sitting around the campfire, eating barbecues, you can chat or play games with the city. member of the delegation. Weekend is the most appropriate time for a party to set fire camp. You can relax at full capacity and do not worry about anything.

Breakfast for dinner.

Although the idea of ​​having breakfast for dinner seems strange, you will experience something interesting. This party is simple even in preparation. All you need is a selection of nutritious breakfast meals and some evening meals. This is seen as a unique and extremely effective way to release stress.


Dessert is a fun party in the summer, suitable for both children and adults. You can prepare food such as biscuits, pastries, breads or dumplings. In all parties there is no need for something that is a drink. In addition to the available beverages such as Sprite Sleek Soft Drink, you can also manually prepare the lemon soda, which is extremely simple, but a cool summer drink.

Soda or soda pop, pop, tonic is a popular gas mineral water of American culture, used to refer to beverages in the form of sugars and sugar-free, non-alcoholic, simple chemical composition with the city. Main ingredients are water, sweetness (sugar, syrup, fruit juice or sweetener) and flavors. In Vietnam, Soda is known as another type of drink call soft drink. In general soft drinks (like tonic) or soft drinks (Pepsi, Coca-cola, Sprite Soda Lemon Lime, … or soda without sugar).

What is soda? Soda is another form of soft drink with gas.

This mineral water is rich in minerals, contains many good elements for health such as potassium, magnesium or calcium to help strong bones. Sugar free sugar-free soda and calories contain in it almost zero. So it is very benign, very good for weight loss, and also whitens, tightens pores and nourishes the skin. Today, soda is widely known and develope in many cafes, bars, pubs or restaurants. Hotel as main ingredient of soda mix (soda combine with fruit or juice). Mojito (soda mix + rhum wine + lemon + mint) and Italian soda (Italian soda with soad + milk / cream) is made by Soda Jerk – who soda from the mixing nozzle.

Soda lemon.

Ingredients: 1 Sprite Soda Lemon Lime, 1 fresh lemon, ½ teaspoon salt, ice. How to make: lemon juice, sprinkle with water, add lemon juice to a glass of ice, sprinkle Sprite water, sprinkle some salt on top, decorate some slices of lemon. A mint branch (if any) is okay. So you have a glass of water is extremely fun to heat the summer.

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