Sprite Sleek Soft Drink

Sprite Sleek Soft Drink

Sprite Sleek Soft Drink

Sprite is a lemon soda soft drink that is the world’s best-selling, non-caffeinated beverage. It is a product of the Coca-Cola Company. First Sprite Sleek Soft Drink appear as the Fanta Klare Zitrone in Germany in 1959. It was introduced in 1961 as the Sprite Soft Drink in the United States. To be a competitor to PepsiCo’s 7UP. In addition, Mist Twst and Mountain Dew are also very prominent competitors. The shell of the Sprite bottle is the dominant color of green and yellow transparent. The color of the Sprite can still be the main color is green, silver …

By the 1980s, Sprite realize that the main target audience for development was a large number of teenagers. Sprite sleek soft drink start to hit the market segment of young people. Their ads in 1987 focused on young people. I Like The Sprite In You is the first long slogan of the brand, and many ad variations are produced around it. I Like the Sprite In You stopped working in 1994.

Logo and slogan

“In 1994, Sprite launched their new logo and slogan. Logo and new slogan are extremely vibrant and prominent on the packaging. The logo features a blue gradient with silver splashes and a subtle white bubble in the background. The product name, Sprite has a blue background on the logo. The slogan has been change from I like the Sprite in you to obey your thirst and many commercials are produced around the subject of hip hop. One of the first words to the new slogan is never forget yourself for the first thing first, take a cold, cold and follow your thirst. 


According to the new slogan, Sprite exploits hip-hop culture by leveraging and forthcoming, as well as underground rap artists including: LL Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, Missy Elliott, Grand Puba , Common, Fat Joe, Nas and others in television commercials. Sprite expanded urban connections in the late 1990s. To this day, NBA artists and hip-hop artists such as LeBron James and Lil Yachty regularly appears in the Sprite Sleek Soft Drink.”

In 1998, one of the fun teaser brands in products featured animated cartoon mascots in the style of a horror film. In it, the mascot for a fictitious orange juice called Sun Fizz comes to life, scary to the kids and to the mother, and begins to chase after them. This trade is also famous for ending on a cliffhanger which is still unresolve to this day.

In 2006, a new Sprite logo, consisting of two yellow and green halves forming an S lemon, lime design. First appeared on bottles and cans of Sprite. Its long-changing slogan Obey Your Thirst is Obey in the United States and has been completely replaced by Freedom From Thirst in many countries. This is the first major change of the decade in the advertising theme. The Sublymonal campaign is also use as part of the actual game replacing the missing experience. This also resurrected from the lymon. Sprite Soft Drink 330ml redesigned their label in 2009, removing the S logo.

Variant of Sprite Sleek Soft Drink.

In France in 2012, the refreshed beverage removed 30% of sugar and replaced it with Stevia. This leads to a drink that contains less calories. This will soon spread to Ireland, England and the Netherlands in 2013. Another formula change took place in England in 2018. This formula replaces Stevia with Aspartame and Acesulfame K and has less sugar than before.

Sprite’s products are available in many parts of the world. Each with different key products. In the United States, Sugar Free Sprite was produce in 1974. It became Sprite Light in 1983 in the United Kingdom. And finally, Sprite Zero is unite and sold in all parts of the world, such as in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, China. Colombia, India, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, New Zealand. Especially for the Japanese market, Sprite Dry Lemon, which was produced in 2000. It is made with a more refine flavor that is consistent with Japanese taste and taste. As for the Korean market, Coca Cola released Sprite Ice with mint flavor. A variant in Spain with carbonate and lemon juice.

In Vietnam

Choosing a good character and having an impression in the hearts of young people today with the fever he did not ask for presents is a very right decision. Sprite Sleek Soft Drink collaborate with Karik to create a new wave for young people with the MV Just Myself.  MV is the true story of Karik himself. In the 12th grade, Karik was also his mother-in-law, but he was passionate about singing. Every time he rap is the parents say immediately. How much music do not sing, go to sing all the nonsense. At that time Karik was sad and he shared, It seems like the path to passion is hard. It was a time when I was anxious to choose the industry that my parents wanted or lived and pursued their passion. So, I made this MV as a way to encourage young people to live up to themselves.

The message is concise and concise

Just me is a very simple message, but it is true in the psychology of living with the character, living with yourself and choose the passion of the youth today. Besides appearing at the time of carp dragon, the message Let me alone that Sprite Soft Drink inspired, many young people see my alarm bell to remind themselves.

Launched at the right time. When the hot summer is sweeping everywhere. In your hands, a bottle of water with lemon sprig of Sprite Sleek Soft Drink cool to quench thirst is even more desirable. As if under the pressure of living over Compression, self confidence, Just be yourself to smash all marketing and live for what you love.

As can be seen, the spirit of self is full of the availability of youth. The pressure of life is increasing, the immune system is working at full capacity. In the face of difficulties, the teenager’s expectations are not high pitch solutions but simply a motivational force. A small kick to unleash personalities and find a living statement for themselves. What better if the momentum is present everywhere, on the bottle of beverages being teenagers pass in the summer heat, and help smashed the thirst, cheering for the spirit of life self.

New packaging super kool, just me

The main blue color gives a pleasant feeling in front of the summer stall and also shows the cool lemon nature of the product. In addition to the carbonated drink for the person enjoying a sensation on it both wonderful.

What do you think? Is embodied in Sprite lemon soft drink new packaging.  Communicate with influential young people. Besides the avatar is Karik, Sprite also collaborate with the vlogger that young people are interested in. Jvevermind, Huyme to make fever on social networks and sharing of other celebrities such as Ho Vinh Faculty, Chipu … Sprite launches new message aimed at young people.

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