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Siusop Orchid Concentrate Fabric Conditioner 3.8L

Siusop Orchid Concentrate Fabric Conditioner 3.8L with 3 times concentrate formula give your clothes, mattress, towel amazing smell, long lasting fresh. Suitable for top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines and handwashing.

Brand: Siusop

Country Of Origin: Vietnam

Manufactured by: My Hao

Instruction for use: Depending on the method of washing and the amount of clothing use an appropriate amount of Siusop fabric conditioner. To get better result for jeans, blankets, towels, etc..., use 2 caps of Siusop fabric conditioner.

Washing Machine: Add a full cap of Siusop fabric condition into machine dispenser.

Hand washing: Dilute a cap of conditioner in water, put 10-20 clothes into

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  1. I would like to know price of siusop 3.8L (bottle blue)

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