I. Basic Information

1. The following terms have the meaning set forth in this policy:

a) Portal User – an entity entering the website www.rakhoiwholesale.com .

b) Newsletter – an electronic version of the newsletter that does not constitute a commercial offer of the Portal Owner within the meaning of article 66 or article 661 of the Civil Code, which informs about the currently available Products from the Portal Owner. allowing the interested Portal Users to familiarize themselves with the assortment owned by the Owner and presented on the website of the Portal Owner.

2. The privacy policy posted on this site is directed to the users of the Portal and determines the type, scope, usage of data, the rights and duties of the User and the protection of personal data. If the Portal User does not accept this Privacy Policy, he / she will not have access to the Portal, the possibility of viewing it and contacting the Coordinator.

3. The Terms and Conditions of the Portal are available at the following address:

4. Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the Portal

5. The User of the Portal, pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended, hereinafter referred to as “Uodo”), is the Administrator of the Portal.

6. In matters not regulated in this Privacy Policy, the provisions of the Portal Regulations apply.

7. If any term is not defined in this Privacy Policy then it has the meaning given in the Terms of the Portal.

II. Personal data

1. User responding to the Newsletter to go to the Portal is obliged to provide personal information. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the Portal.

2. Personal data referred to in sec. 1 is the following: name, surname, company name, business address, contact telephone number, email address. Personal information is provided voluntarily, but the lack of their application prevents the transfer from the Newsletter to the Portal. At the same time during the filling of the Newsletter, there is no consent for processing by the Portal Owner of the User’s personal data in the field of e-mail address in order to send to this address commercial information within the meaning of art. 2 pt. 2 of the Act of 18.07.2002 on the provision of services by electronic means make it impossible to send to the User the next edition of the Newsletter.

III. Data collected automatically

1. Pursuant to Art. 18 sec. 5 of the Act of 18.07.2002 on the provision of services by electronic means The Portal’s owner processes your data describing how you use the service provided by electronic means (operating data):

(a) information on the commencement, completion and use of the electronic service provided through the ____________________ programs

b) information about your use of the service provided electronically.

c) the identifiers identifying you in the Portal’s owner’s computer system, based on the data provided by you,

d) signs identifying the termination of the telecommunications network or teleinformation system that you use to connect to www.rakhoiwholesale.com, (IP, domain name, browser type, operating system type.

2. Cookies Policy is located at the following address: _______________________.

IV. Means of using personal data

1. The Portal Owner processes the personal data of the User pursuant to art. 18 sec. 2 of the Act of 18.07.2002 on providing services by electronic means in answering the Newsletter.

2. Pursuant to Art. 23 sec. 1 pt. 1 Uodo, ie: based on the separately agreed agreement at the stage ____________________________ The Portal Owner processes the personal data of the Portal User for the marketing purposes of the Portal Owner’s products and sends commercial information to the e-mail address within the meaning of art. 2 pt. 2 of the Act of 18.07.2002 on the provision of services by electronic means.

3. According to Art. 23 sec. 1 pt. Uodo, the Portal Owner, processes the personal data of the User to market their own products and services.

4. Based on art. 23 sec. 1 pt. 1 Uodo, ie: based on the separately expressed consent at the stage of filing a complaint at the stage of completing the complaint form on the Portal, the Portal Owner processes the personal data of the User to deal with the complaint.

5. The Portal owner provides personal data to public administration bodies in situations resulting from mandatory legal regulations.

6. By sending to the Users of the Portal commercial information within the meaning of art. 2 pt. 2 of the Act of 18.07.2002 on the provision of services by electronic means, the owner of the Portal, on the basis of art. 31 Uodo, entrusts the processing of personal data in the field of e-mail, to third parties, its mailing service.

7. The Site User may revoke his consent to receive commercial information by e-mail at any time by clicking on the appropriate link provided in the content of each newsletter or by contacting the Portal Owner – Coordinator.

V. Right to access personal data

1. The User of the Portal shall have the right to access his / her personal data, to supplement them, to update, to rectify, to request the discontinuance of processing, to delete personal data, if they are incomplete, obsolete, untrue or have been collected in violation of Uodo. which were collected.

2. Any changes to your personal data You may use the Portal by sending a message via email to the Seller’s address: _____________________ or by telephone contact with the Owner of the Portal – Coordinator.

VI. Personal data protection

1. The owner of the Portal, as the administrator of personal data, shall apply the technical and organizational measures necessary for data protection required by the UOD regulations.

2. In order to prevent the unauthorized acquisition or modification of personal information by you when you register and log in to your Store account, the Portal Owner provides encrypted connection to the Portal Owner’s server using an SSL certificate.

VII. Final entries

1. Privacy Policy is valid from day

2. The privacy policy is governed by Vietnam law.

3. The Portal Owner will notify the Portal User of any changes to the Privacy Policy, in the form of a message sent to the e-mail address given to the Portal Owner by the User at the registration stage of the Newsletter. You will be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy unless you expressly waive the Privacy Policy within fourteen (14) days of your notification of the change of Privacy Policy.