Power Of Tide Laundry Detergent

Power Of Tide Laundry Detergent

Now a day, Tide, the brand of laundry detergent chosen by many people to keep the clothes white and fragrant, which is an iconic laundry brand and within the Tide family there are many versions of the original formula with a variety of scents and additions like fabric softeners and boosters. To achieve as today, Tide has undergone long periods of time to improve and develop this products. In this article, you will be provided lots of information about Tide proffesional laundry detergent.

Firstly, Washing powder is made from what?

Most detergents contain a lot of different ingredients but mostly are surfactants, enzymes and bleaches. Surface active substances, which surfactants up to 50% of the detergent, are responsible for cleaning your clothes. When garments with sweat or grease are soaked in water containing laundry detergent, the surface active molecule will attach to the sebum while the head is in the water. These molecules will help remove dirt from clothing, they will drift out of water at the end of each wash cycle. The other two ingredients are enzymes and bleaches. Enzymes help accelerate the process of decomposing particles that cling to clothing while peroxide-containing bleaches help to brighten fabrics.

How was Tide born?

In the 1880s, when people doing the laundry began to change with the introduction of washing powders. These new laundry products were pulverized soap. After the successes of cleaning-product marketing, it proved that there was a ready market for better cleaning agents.

The detergent business was further revolutionized with the discovery of the alkylbenzene sulfonates, when combined with the use of chemical for machine washing with hard water possible. This bring the opportunity of Procter and Gamble to create a product of laundry detergent. And then in 1946, Tide is launching for the first time.

The original Tide laundry detergent was a synthetic designed specifically for heavy-duty, machine cleaning and this is the world’s first heavy-duty detergent, with nationwide distribution accomplished in 1949. And from that day, Tide has launching many kinds of laundry detergent.

  • Tide Professional Powder Laundry Detergent

The product with special features that’s 5 times faster than ordinary detergent, which makes washing faster, colors brighter and whites whiter. Suitable for both hand washing and washing machines.

Also by using the HE Turbo technology which brings about the ability for eliminating wrinkles, grease or sludge. The crystals are minimal that easy to wade into the deep interweaving with outstanding effect and keep your clothes looking new.

The products are manufactured on modern technology lines under the supervision of leading European experts and bring to consumers the products not only quality, convenience, but also extremely safe for health.

Specially, the ingredients of this powder laundry detergent are natural, non-toxic chemicals, no corrosive or allergic skin, suitable for all users

  • Tide Plus Downy Powder Laundry Detergent

Like Tide professional powder laundry detergent, Tide plus downy powder laundry detergent have a special feature which dissolves 5 times faster than ordinary detergent, suitable for both hand-washing and machine washing. Tide detergent helps to wash more quickly and bright white clothes. In particular, the fragrance of downy permeate deep into each fabric will make users feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Tide Clean And White Powder Laundry Detergent

By using a special technology, the product dissolves 5 times faster than conventional laundry detergent, making cleaning clothes quicker and simpler, moreover, with a new breakthrough formula, Tide detergent is able to remove stubborn stains, help keep clothes clean and long lasting fragrance.

Tide Clean And White Powder Laundry Detergent will help laundry become soothing and effective, save time and effort for housewives.

All of three kinds of Tide are the powder laundry detergents. The use of powder laundry are special and friendly with users

Tide is the first detergent that removes stains without rubbing them many times. The different custom formulas offer consumers the added components they desire without the steps of adding another laundry product like fabric softener or additional stain removers. At the time of Tide’s birth,it frees up a generation of women from heavy laundry. Over the past 60 years, Tide has been selected by many people to keep their clothes white and clean, make laundry becomes more enjoyable. Come to the Vietnam market since 1996, Tide is constantly serving Vietnamese consumers with products of outstanding quality. At present, Tide’s still ranked as one of the most effective laundry detergents in removing stains.

Powder Laundry Detergent Pros

  • Smallest cost per laundry load of any type of laundry detergent.
  • Packaging is recyclable and more environmentally friendly.
  • Most effective laundry detergent for areas with untreated hard water thanks to additives that are more stable and easily added to powdered formulas.
  • Powder detergent formulas are more stable than liquid or pods. This allows ingredients to be added that perform exceptionally well on tough to remove outdoor stains like grass and mud.

Misinformation about washing powder

Do you think the type of detergent you are using is not really effective because you do not see the foam? Contrary to the prejudice of detergents that produce as much foam as a good detergent, in fact no correlation between the amount of foam and the quality of a detergent. Foaming agents in the detergent are chemical components that promote foaming and keep bubbles from breaking. As you wash your hands, you can observe that this type of handwash often produces more bubbles than the powder for the washing machine, but that does not mean they work more efficiently!

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