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Pepsi Soft Drink 330ML

The carbonated is loved by a million people over the world that Pepsi Soft Drink 330mlPepsi is the world famous soft drink brand. With the message “Live for now”. Pepsi inherits the brand's long history and brings exciting experiences to young people in terms of music and entertainment, to connect the heart and the body. Young people's minds, encourage them to capture and enjoy each exciting moment of life.

Pepsi is made from safe ingredients and fragrances that deliver excellent quality. In addition, the ingredients contained in Pepsi soft drink also contain no toxic preservatives that affect the health of consumers. So you are completely assured when using. The product is delicious, attractive to help quench your thirst immediately in hot days. In addition, Pepsi soft drink also provides energy for a long day of activity.

In the Indian market, Pepsi soft drink is the best seller. It has become a friend to every generation, every country.

Pepsi branded products include: Pepsi soft drink original taste, Pepsi diet soft drink, Pepsi light soft drink, Pepsi Cola soft drink…

Ingredients of Pepsi soft drink 330ml.

With water saturated with CO2, the acidic regulator does not contain toxic preservatives providing excellent product quality, with complete peace of mind when used.

Mixture of natural aroma combined with sweet and delicious, refreshing, products help the body to offset water, help dispel thirst and feeling tired.

The product can be discreet, easy to store. You can be carried easily when going to school, work or in the outing, picnic.

User manual: Use directly, better when drinking cold.

Preservation: To a dry, cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Brand value.Pepsi represents everything from carbonated beverages, from taste, choice to sensation, fun and youthfulness. The comp All of that comes from Pepsi's ads and led to the development of Pepsi's Pepsi-inspired slogans in the US and "Ask for More" in other countries.

Pepsi is always trying to be younger, stranger and more appropriate than its competitors. That is the reason Pepsi keeps the simple, exciting and refreshing until now.

In Vietnam, The tough competitor of Suntory PepsiCo is Coca Cola company.

“Pepsi has become a friend to youth and youth culture. Over generations, youngsters have grown up with Pepsi and have shared an emotional connect with it unlike with any other cola brand. Be it parties, hangouts with friends, or just another day at home, a day is never complete without the fizz of Pepsi.Pepsi has always fuelled youth passions like cricket, Bollywood, music and now football. Youth icons like MS Dhoni, Ranbir Kapoor, Didier Drogba, Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have endorsed Pepsi since its launch in India.”

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