• Payment Terms

Payment Terms

1. Payment Terms:

We accept orders with the form of payment at RAKHOI company as follows:

Customers must deposit 30% or 50% after confirming an order and choose the form of payments.

– T / T: Telegraphic transfer, a form of bank transfer.
is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions.

– L / C: Letter of Credit (L / C) is the letter issued by the bank, at the request of the importer, commits the seller to pay a certain amount.

2. Delivery conditions

There are 3 conditions of delivery at the company Rakhoi:

– FOB – Free On Board (or Freight on Board) is a condition of delivery of duty-free merchants when the goods have boarded. This means that the goods are not shipped, all responsibilities belong to the seller, after the goods have been shipped, all risks, responsibility to the buyer (buyer). Rail railing is the risk transfer point of the FOB condition. FOB does not include transportation and insurance costs to the destination, the buyer is liable for the cost of transport, cargo insurance and other costs.

– CIF ( Cost + Insurance + Freight) prices includes shipping + insurance + freight.

– CFR (Cost and Freight): The seller bears the costs and returns the freight to the port of destination. The seller is obliged to do the export procedures.

3. Documents

At RAKHOI company, all the accompanying documents will be provided such as Sale contract, Packing List, Comercial Invoice. When customers pay the rest of the balance, we will Surrender BL in order to receive the goods on time.