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OMO Professional Powder Laundry Detergent 9KG

Slogen dirt is good. Omo professional powder laundry detergent 9kg very fast clean, new aroma, whirlpool stain swirls faster, gently with the skin. The fast-paced Omo is one of the pioneers in the industry with the technology that drives off grease. Encourage children to learn to explore and develop. Dirt is an integral part of this process. Omo has created the campaign "Every child has the right", focusing on giving children the freedom to experience, learn and develop. Omo Professional powder laundry detergent 9kg is a product line that is affordable for mothers across the country. Make sure you wash out the strength of Omo, while also saving time, effort and water when washing.

Now children are less active than at any other time in history. So it’s important we give them a little push out into the open environment. Mental Development: Playing in natural environments helps with learning, focus, memory span, language, numeracy and literacy skills. Physical Development: Time outside benefits motor skills, muscular strength, flexibility, balance and coordination and decreases restlessness. Social Adjustment: Active outdoor play promotes friendship formation, helps develop social skills and reduces stress.

  1. Outstanding features.
Omo professional powder laundry detergent with 3 super-concentrated features, super clean white, super convenient, detergent Omo professional super concentrated 9kg is a specialized laundry solution for hotels, restaurants, professional laundry, super convenience and save for households. Help your mother easily spot dirty stains on her dirty clothes while working outdoors. Omo professional powder laundry detergent 9kg

  1. Details.
With innovative formula super special, Omo detergent powder is three times more powerful than conventional detergent, optimizing productivity, saving money and time; Reduce half the cost of laundry.Omo Washing Powder is a leader in the laundry market with the ability to stain stain. With the new improved formula, Omo continues to improve its superiority in flying stubborn stains most common and most common hotel, such as oil stains, coffee , biological stains.

This improved formula also makes it easy to wash everything from handwashing to machine washing (recommended for top-door washer), which can be used for: Hand wash basin, Overhead door slabs for hotels, washing machines, industrial. For stains under test conditions.

  1. Use instructions. Separate white clothes and colored clothes.
Pour 1 tablespoon of OMO Detergent Powder Concentrate 9kg directly into the clothes.When clothes are soiled, treat them as soon as possible.The amount of usage may vary depending on the degree of contamination and the amount of clothing.A typical washing machine for washing machines of 5 to 6.5kg.

Fragrant for long.

The product is a unique combination of white washing technology, keeping color and natural fragrance, you always confidently clean and beautiful dress every day.

Safe, environmentally friendly

Omo professional only uses high quality ingredients that meet stringent international standards for biodegradability and safety.

Big bag to save

The 9kg bag design saves you time and effort.

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Weight11 kg
Dimensions34 x 32 x 26 cm


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