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Namilux Portable Gas Cooker NA-199PF

The design of Namilux Portable Gas Cooker NA-199PF.

  • Gas fire control unit:  Valve clamp, Copper pipe, Air snap, Tube, Burner

  • Ignition components: Ignition wire, porcelain needle

  • Gas cans:  The lever

  • Other parts: body, lid, folding, lever, screwdriver, push button, plastic mask, plastic feet, ...

Basic standard of portable gas cooker.

  • Application: no gas leakage at 9kgf/ cm2 pressure (3 times higher than the pressure of butane gas can)

  • High pressure: high pressure 13 kgf/ cm2 for 1 minute without deformation, leakage

  • Fire fire: 10 times to ignite fire 8 times or more and not be twice continuous fire

  • Fire status at normal use conditions: - Ignition ignition of fire, fire spread evenly to the burning fire.

  • Fire does not flatten feet. Fire must be stable fire, not flicker, not self-fire, not fire back (fire in the pipe)

  • CO gas concentration not exceeding 0.14% (1400ppm) (cooker 161 <800ppm)

  • No carbon black at the bottom of the pot

  • Actuate the gas safety shut off valve: gas must be cut when the pressure of the gas can exceed the specified range.

  • Actual performance should not be less than 40% (stove 161 reaches 52 ~ 54%).

  • Temperature increase at normal use conditions:

  • Push button, switch lever ≤ 70oC - The surface can be touched when operating ≤ 140oC - Wooden floor (kitchen place) ≤ 100oC.

Other standards relating to safety of Namilux Portable Gas Cooker.

  • The valve body when connecting gas cans to the kitchen must be in the off position (locking lever function). Can not be put into the kitchen when the switch is not in the off position lock gas. This function prevents gas cans from being inserted into the cooker with the knob open. If you forget or ignite, the gas is released from the tube after a period of time that will accumulate a large amount of gas. Then ignite the gas will spill out this will fire danger to the user. Use Namilux Portable Gas Cooker NA-199PF is safe.

  • Can not set up the reserve gas cans in the normal use state: - In normal use, it is not possible to place another cans in the kitchen except gas can is inserted into the valve. The appliance must prevent the user from forgetting any other gas cans in the kitchen (for example, in the tray tray), while using a cooking stove, the second gas can heal and explode.

  • Fabric structure must be upside down, the legs must be fixed. The kitchen must have the structure can not be placed backward, the legs or legs, if the set up, the legs will not stabilize (the pot is tilted)

  • Load bearing capacity. The cooker must withstand pots, cooks weighing at least 5kg.

The Namilux Portable Gas Cooker NA-199PF has a compact design that is suitable for carrying luggage for long trips with family. Gas stove with gas mini design is very convenient to use. Namilux Portable Gas Cooker NA-199PF is equipped with gas safety valve for user to use, gas stove with set and stainless steel windscreen is durable, nice and easy to clean. Namilux Portable NA-199PF is made of aluminum with high durability and is not deformed when exposed to high temperature, combustible ignition and conducive to fire evenly.

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