Milo Active Go Milk Calcium Plus Can 240ML

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To be able to participate in daily activities, from learning to playing, entertaining, sports. Children need a miracle fuel. That is energy. Without energy, the baby body is like a fuel-free vehicle, unable to work. Energy is metabolized from foods such as foods, Milo Active Go Milk Calcium Plus 240ML .. children supplemented daily. Each type of food will provide different energy levels, usually in Kilo Calories (Kcal). For ready-to-eat foods, look for information on the product packaging when purchasing.

Stage 6 to 12 is a fast growing period, especially in height. Therefore, the full complement of energy to meet the needs of children is very important, contributing to the comprehensive development of children, both physically and intellectually.

Milo helps to increase 50% mental benefits.

By adding Milo to milk, you can absorb more calcium for the same amount of milk.

A 200ml glass of milk contains 214mg of calcium. When adding a package of Nestlé Milo 22g – which contains 105mg of calcium in a glass of milk, the amount of calcium will increase to 319mg. A cup of Nestlé Milo milk provides about 50% of the daily amount of calcium needed.

In addition, Nestlé Milo also helps milk taste better, making children love and absorb more calcium.

Milo Active Go Milk Calcium Plus packing 6 can x 240ml. Milo with Protomalt formula is a remarkable nutritional extract from whole wheat bran, milk powder, cocoa powder … are added with many vitamins and minerals, providing nutrients needed. And full of children are always full of energy and healthy, confident. Especially wheat bran in the product to help provide more balanced nutrients to help the body is always full of energy and health. So don’t forget drink Milo Active Go Milk Calcium Plus 240ML every day.

Ingredient production.


Nestle Milo is a perfect combination of the unique taste of cocoa and the rich source of protein and nutrients from milk, whole wheat bran and vitamins and minerals.

Provide nutrients to the body.

Full of benefits from Milk, Nestlé Milo with Activ-Go extract. Outreach is a unique combination of Protomalt extracted specifically from barley germ and a combination of essential vitamins and minerals, contributing It plays an important role in energy release, strengthening muscular and skeletal functions, and actively supports the physical and mental activities of children.

User manual.


Nestlé Milo chocolate and malt for children should be used on a daily basis, especially in the morning when your child enters school age because it contains the Activ-Go reinforcement – developed and researched by Nestlé Switzerland. Durable for children’s learning and advocacy activities.


Apply directly, shake well before use. Better than cold



Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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