Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce – Good For Health

Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce

Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce – Good For Health

Delicious fish sauce for public health name Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900MLDrops of fish sauce extracted from fish sauce vat. Delicious fish sauce with a strong flavor, no need to add. It is not less than Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce. The product brings deliciousness, completeness, and feasting on meals for more than tens of millions of Vietnamese families every day.

Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce belongs to the product of Masan Consumer Company. Perhaps this is a fish sauce seasoning that is no stranger to Vietnamese consumers. It is worth mentioning that the product continuously reached the Top 3 brands voted by consumers and is on the list of delicious fish sauce brands for public health.

Fish sauce: the essence of Vietnamese cuisine soul

What makes the difference between Vietnamese cuisine and world cuisine? That is fish sauce, even though Vietnam is not the only place to use fish sauce, it is not the birth place of this divine spice.

As the main ingredient in every family meal, almost all Vietnamese dishes must use fish sauce, especially boiled and salad dishes. If no fish sauce is made into a sauce, these dishes will be unsuccessful. Because they themselves cannot become a delicious dish. But must live on delicious fish sauce and especially sauces. That use water fish sauce for processing.

Fish sauce is the main spice of Vietnamese people, they use this spice to taste to increase flavor, add flavor and add substance to make the dish more delicious, more charming and more charming.

Hot saucepan plate

Shrimp cake with shrimp paste with delicious chilli sauce

Fish sauce is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine. Which makes Vietnamese cuisine different from the cuisine of other countries. So the culinary expert commented: “Any dish of Chinese or French with the presence of fish sauce in it has become a Vietnamese dish. The value of fish sauce thus becomes unique in the culinary arts in particular. In the strong vitality of Vietnamese culture in general ”. At first glance, many Vietnamese dishes look very much like Chinese, Thai or Korean dishes. That can only be distinguished by fish sauce. Which is used as a special condiment and recognized by incense. Its characteristic taste.

Nam Ngu: delicious fish sauce for public health

With a strong flavor that does not need to be add. Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce brings the deliciousness, completeness and feasting on meals. For more than tens of millions of Vietnamese families every day.

What is the first point of Nam Ngu is the fish sauce with the beautiful brown color of cockroach and the right sauce. When tilting the bottle pouring out the white porcelain cup, the wave of hot sauce sticks to the cup and then just a few more slices of red and green pepper, the whole family can enjoy the delicious taste.

Droplets of fish sauce extracted from the fish vat.

When mentioning which fish sauce is healthy and delicious, mention Nam Ngu. Not only that, delicious fish sauce also must be smelling fishy, ​​not too hot, but give a strong aroma when tasting on dishes. So Nam Ngu delicious fish sauce is a familiar choice of Vietnamese housewives. Because it is not too salty, not harsh, sweet enough but delicious and easily process without adding help to housewives. drag the whole family to the table.

To occupy the trust of consumers. Nam Ngu always ensures a fully closed production process. Meeting food hygiene and safety standards. From the barrel of fish sauce in Phu Quoc. The seasoned fish sauce experts of the company are diligently inspecting and monitoring the quality of all materials for fish sauce. From the source of freshly caught anchovies and immediately salted. On the boat to the impurity level of the salt source, the purity of the water source.

Fish sauce after extracting the experts re-quality testing. Before putting into double pasteurization to ensure no harmful bacteria. But still retain the delicious taste. Combined with close bottling. The company launch delicious Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce to clean bacteria. Ensuring safety for users’ health.

Combining both clean and delicious elements, nearly 10 years. Products are always favored by Vietnamese consumers. With delicious Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900ML consumers not only buy a spice. But also buy peace of mind for the health of the family.

Which fish sauce is the safest to make quality family meals

The meal always plays an extremely important role in the life of every Vietnamese family. Fish sauce is a special spice that is very important to create a strong flavor for the dish. The need to choose the safest fish sauce product is increase. Understanding this, Masan Consumer has launched a line of quality fish sauce of the Ministry of Health. Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce product is a spice companion with hundreds of Vietnamese women to create the perfect family meal.

Nam Ngu is one of the safest fish sauce brands on the market today thanks to the quality of the product. The quality of Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce is especially famous by the raw materials. Any fish can make fish sauce but Masan producers only choose to use fresh anchovies. These fish are caught right from the waters near where barrel houses are built.

Nam Ngu – Top fish sauce safe for user’s health

To ensure freshness, fish will be mix with salt right on the boat after catching. In addition, the anchovies batch before being put into composting in the barrel must also be score through 5 strict criteria at the port about the ratio of trash fish, fish type, salinity, freshness and dryness to ensure The best quality.

Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce factory has set up a strict quality control system from technological process to semi-finish raw materials as well as finish products. The factory also owns modern research rooms in accordance with ISO 17025. Standard with the aim of checking the require criteria to ensure the quality of output products is always at the highest level.

With sources of pure fish sauce. Undergo strict selection process according to Masan’s quality standards along with international standard production technology to comply with the food safety regulations stated in the regulation, of the ministry of Health. To answer the question which safer fish sauce on the market. The main answer is Nam Ngu – An indispensable choice for your family meal.


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