How To Use Washing Machine Effectively

Use washing machine effectively

How To Use Washing Machine Effectively

With superior features and advantages. The front-door washer and Ariel Plus Downy Passion Powder Laundry Detergent 2.5Kg are a smart choice. If you want to make sure your clothes are washed the way you want them to. However, the use of front-loading was still a concern for many people, especially if you have never use washing machine effectively. The article below will introduce you tips for using the front door washing machine to achieve maximum efficiency.

Volume of clothes per wash and level of water.

Front door washers only consume half the amount of water compared to the top-door washer at each wash because the mechanism of the laundry cage rotates, flips and reverses clothes, not flooding clothes and spinning like a washing machine the door on. However, you should not wash too much or too much clothes during each wash. Too little clothing wastes water, electricity and laundry detergent, but too much clothes make the machine overload and do not guarantee clean laundry. Some new front-line washing machines have automatic function to adjust the water volume depending on the volume of washing, thus saving maximum water and electricity. This is also one of the useful functions that you should consider if you are buying a washing machine.

Washing mode

For conventional use washing machine effectively. There are usually four wash modes: dry, normal, light, and washable. However, modern washing machines, in addition to the basic modes. Also include more than a dozen different laundry modes, depending on the fabric, washing method, giving you maximum control of washing. For example, if your home has a baby, a washing machine with hand washing for baby’s clothes or baby items will fit. In addition, if you have to wash large and heavy items such as blankets, bed sheets, machines with bulky laundry function will save you a lot of time. So, depending on how you sort and sort your laundry. You’ll decide whether you need more laundry or just four basic washing options.

Ariel Laundry Detergent For Washing Machine and fabric softener.

Did you know that most laundry detergent for top-door washer or handwash can not be used for front-door washer? Handwashing powder is too much foam, will overflow through the inner casing and can damage the motor. You should choose a suitable detergent for each machine.

Front door machines come with a drawer dividing laundry soap during the washing process. Here you should use the Ariel laundry detergent for front doors washing machine. Your machine also has a compartment for fabric softener (used in the final rinse) and a compartment for bleach. How to use the door washing machine on? In this case you can use the Ariel laundry detergent for washing machine and can be straight into the cage before removing the clothes. Use washing machine effectively.

This prevents concentrated soap from storing on the fabric and leaving stains on your clothes. Washers contain instructions for the amount of soap needed each time you wash: the amount of soap depends on your water source, how dirty your clothes are and how many or how many items you have.

Sort clothes before washing.

The classification of clothing by fabric will help protect the maximum durability of clothes, help clothes do not fade or color. Thin fabrics or underwear should preferably be washed in mesh bags or washers.

Tips for washing machines. The classification of clothing will help to protect the maximum durability of clothing.

Laundry tips the finest linen or underwear should be washed in a mesh bag.

Water temperature.

Basic washing machines use cold water for washing. However, you may find that your modern front-door washer also offers a variety of water temperature options, such as 30oC warm water, 60oC hot water, etc. This feature is especially useful because some types of stains are easily removed by washing with hot water. Also, you can clean the cage with hot water, baking salts and white vinegar. You can refer to this article for how to clean the washing machine. 


Basic use washing machine effectively usually spin clothes at speeds of 700-1600 rpm. Modern horizontal washer machines have a rotational speed of up to 2000 rpm. Which means that clothes after washing are almost dry when removed from the machine. This feature is especially useful. If you have to wash your clothes on wet or dry weather or during the rainy season. Because your clothes will dry much faster. It may be a little bit complicate when you first get use to the washing machine. But hopefully with the tips above, your family will not have to worry about laundry any more.

Regular cleaning and maintenance.

Regular cleaning of the machine not only keeps your machine and home cool. But also protects your machine from being trap inside and outside the cage. Leading to increased friction, causing noise. For long time not clean, the machine can appear alum, moss, sandy soil, etc. In the valve, the water inlet valve incorrectly cause waste of power and do not clean clothes.

Clean and maintain the washing machine regularly to prevent damage.

Regular washing of the washing machine will increase the life of the machine, and use washing machine effectively. Make the machine operate more safely and more stable, cleaner laundry. In addition, regular cleaning also helps you detect potential damage, so take measures to prevent.


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