How To Recover Damaged Hair

Recover Damaged Hair

How To Recover Damaged Hair

Long and black hair has inspired many works of art. But besides the environmental impact. Everyday we face a lot of damage to the hair such as: dyeing, stretching, chemical treatment,… Dove Intense Repair Shampoo 650G restore damaged hair. Discover the secret of recover damaged hair to soft and strong.

Keep dyed hair color.

When using dyed bending chemicals. Undeniably the dye will make the hair weak, so use a shampoo specifically for dyed hair to provide nutrients and help keep the hair color longer.

Use recovery measures.

Once your hair is dry. You should apply some serum on your hair, to protect your hair from external aggressions.

Maybe olive oil. In olive oil contains fatty acids, can moisturize, protect and fight damage to the hair. Heat a tablespoon of oil in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to warm the oil. Then apply to hair and incubate for 20 minutes and then wash your hair normally. Your hair will become radiant, easy to sticky and soon recover in a short time. This is also an effective way for those who want to improve the length of the hair because olive oil in addition to moisturizing effect is also a stimulant stimulating hair growth.

Recover damaged hair as quickly as avocado. Avocados contain ingredients like proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids that are beneficial to the hair. Dry, damaged hair will be recovered in just one week with this method. Beat butter with olive oil, coconut oil to form a rich, nutrient-rich mixture. Apply the mask on the hair, massage and leave for about 20 minutes. Then wash with water.

Restore damaged hair with chicken eggs. Eggs contain amino acids and proteins that help repair the epidermis, hair and prevent split ends and soften your hair. Combine an egg with a quarter of the regular shampoo, apply it on your hair and incubate for 5 minutes. After washing, this mixture will give you a healthy shine. Damaged, brittle hair should be restored to strength as before. Experience Dove recover damaged hair, used regularly to feel the hair is nourished long hair to each hair.

Use hair conditioner.

If you do not have a lot of hair care time and choose only one type of product, choose Dove hair conditioner combine Dove shampoo recovery damaged hair. This product protects the hair from sea salt or chlorine in the pool water. In addition to the hair conditioner is extremely suitable for hair to tangle quickly into the folds and keep glossy hair even in wet weather. So remember use combo Dove conditioner and Dove Shampoo Recovery Damaged Hair


If you talk about sun, not only your skin needs protection. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on your hair to help protect your hair from UV rays. As a screen to prevent damage and protect your hair from the effects of sunlight. In addition to sunscreen you can wear a hat, cover the umbrella when going out. Factors such as sun, rain, snow, fog or air pollution can also damage your hair. When swimming, use a swimming cap to avoid damaging your hair. Because chlorine in the swimming pool also damages your hair.

Protect your hair from heat.

For thermal hair styling, remember to spray a protective layer under the heat before styling to protect your hair from damage caused by drying, stretching, bending.

Also keep the heat level at an average level, too high temperature will burn hair. Instead of constantly heating, give your hair a rest period. You can also try the following hair styling tips. Wrap the hair slightly wet around the bending machine shaft, dry and release it will result in soft, floating waves. If you want to curl without the bending machine. Let your hair get damp at night, braid and go to bed. The next morning wake up, you will feel surprised because the beautiful hair waves to the surprise.

Rejuvenate the hair.

For recover damaged hair, use a dab of cream at least 2 times a week until the hair is healthy and no signs of fracture. For daily hair care, use Dove restorative damage shampoo and Dove exfoliant recovery to restore the damage. A healthy diet will help keep hair healthy from the inside, and will restore damaged hair faster. With the ends of the hair that is too damaged, you need to prune it. Your hair will look fresh and other healthy hair will not be affect.


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