Get Stains Out Of White Shirt With Only Detergent Powder?

The fear of “washing white shirt”

When coming to white shirt, we are reminded of the beautiful memories of our students. White shirt is also suitable for all ages, it is easy to wear and to coordinate with all skirts, pants in the wardrobe to create a new feel. However, the white shirt is also the obsession of many parents when their children often bring stains from school back home. It is the obsession of the ladies in pure white dress but always fear of being dirty by food and things around them.

To solve the fear of women, a lot of powder detergents  were manufactured. We can’t help mentioning two godfathers on the market are Unilever and P&G has launched the line of powder detergents are constantly improving. In there, the most obvious positioning and aiming to bring pure white of white shirt can be said is the TIDE brand.

If Tide powder detergent solve all the fares of washing white shirt?

The message “Tide Breakthrough Powder Detergent” expresses the purpose of the product and distinguishes it from Vietnam washing powder brands. P&G has launched ads experiment Tide powder detergent with white shirt and the closest image is the white shirt on package to help consumers easily recognize it.

Small powder particles were easily dissolved in water, help to effectively remove stains, save time doing laundry. Powder particles were dissolved quickly to avoid the defects of common detergent powder is clotted, stuck on the clothes and must be rinsed several times with water.

Not only clean but also smelling fragrant, Tide was improved and launched Tide breakthrough white plus downy flavor . Downy particles stored on the clothes all the week, creating the wearing comfort. It also has many sizes for you to choose. You can refer to Tide powder detergent here.

It seems that not only understand the problem of our white shirt but also P&G understands the majority users of white-shirt are students and take heart the housewives when the price of Tide powder detergent are quite cheap with other detergents on the market. You can send information about to update the current wholesale price.

“The confrontation between Tide powder detergent and bleach to take heart white shirt”.

Many people think powder detergent can’t remove stubborn stains such as ink, coffee stains, etc.,. They choose Javel bleach instead of detergent powder. I have to admit to you that the bleach will quickly remove stubborn stains. Because it has only one function is bleach. However, bleach doesn’t remove stains that it bleaches all the colors. Because it doesn’t recognize stains and colors of the clothes like detergent. It is worse that fastly ruining your favorite clothes. In addition, it also harms hands, eyes and respiration by chlor gas what requiring you have to be careful when use and store. This is also not environmentally friendly. Fixing all that defect, powder detergent is like “green bleach” for our white shirt.


In addition, Rakhoiwholesale tells you little tips to remove stains and for long time. You can use fresh lemon, toothpaste, banking soda scrub on stain, after that, wash with Tide breakthrough white and rinse.


Finally, I hope you are less the obsession of washing stains on the white shirt and confidently wear your favorite clothes without fear of dirty. If you have other good tips, let’s share with everyone.

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