General knowledge about laundry detergent

Laundry detergent: How to choose and use properly?

Laundry detergent has a very simple purpose, just as the soap helps you clean your body, the laundry detergent used to make dirty laundry becomes clean. However, with all sorts of detergents sold in stores, choosing the right one is not easy. 

This detergent is not only used for deodorizing and tarnishing, but also for the elimination of bacteria as well as protect the colors and materials of clothing. Therefore, some detergents often contain active ingredients such as softeners, bleaches and bactericides. Here are some information to help you choose and use effective detergent.


Laundry detergent is made from what?

Most detergents contain a lot of different active ingredients but mostly surface active agents, enzymes and bleaches. Surface active substances, which account for up to 50% of the detergent, are responsible for cleaning your clothes. When garments with sweat or grease are soaked in water containing detergent, the tail of the surface active molecule will attach to the sebum while the head is in the water. These molecules will help get rid of dirt from clothing as they jerk and they will drift out of water at the end of each wash cycle. The other two ingredients are enzymes and bleaches. Enzymes help accelerate the process of decomposing food particles that cling to clothing, while peroxide-containing bleaches help to brighten fabrics.


Misunderstanding of laundry detergent

Do you think the type of detergent you are using is not really effective because you do not see foam? Contrary to the prejudice of detergents that produce as much foam as a good detergent, there is in fact no association between the amount of foam and the quality of a batch of laundry. Foaming agents in detergents are chemicals that promote foaming and keep bubbles from breaking. When washing your hands, you can observe that this type of hand soap usually produces more bubbles than the powder for the washing machine, but that does not mean they work more efficiently!


What is the best laundry detergent for your clothes?

Whether you want to save money, investing in three different types of detergents is essential and more profitable in the long run. It is important for you to classify your laundry into three separate items – colored or dark colored clothing, white or light colored and finally thin and perishable clothings. With dark or colored clothes, absolutely do not use detergent containing bleach – you do not want the color was faded. With white or light colored clothes, we need to do the opposite, choose bleach detergent to make your clothes look as fresh. For sensitive items, use mild detergent to avoid damage to clothing. Obviously, investing in a new wardrobe costs several times more than using the right kind of detergent suitable for each of the above!

At present, there are many cosmetic companies in Vietnam that offer laundry products such as  P&G (Tide, Ariel), Unilever (OMO, Viso, Surf)  and other domestic brands like, Lix, Net …

Most washing powder manufacturers have separate detergents for each purpose, you should read carefully. Use instructions on the packaging to be able to classify different types of detergent different. In addition, you should also notice the use of detergents suitable for each type of front door washer or top door washer, because the front door machine needs to use less detergent powder to avoid harming the machine.

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