Fish Sauce – The Soul Of Vietnamese Food

Fish sauce

Fish Sauce – The Soul Of Vietnamese Food

What makes the difference between Vietnamese cuisine and the rest of the world? It is fish sauce, even though Vietnam is not the only place to eat sauce, not the birthplace of this “divine” juice. Fish sauce symbolizes solidarity and sharing in each meal. One of the special is Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce.

Is material, spices, pharmaceutucal

So Vietnamese fish sauce has a long history, at least 1,000 years old. And, even though sauce was invented in Africa, it was accepted by Europeans and spread to Asia; Although the Chinese and Japanese people know and use sauce in front of Vietnamese people for 500 years; Although Koreans and Thai peoples. Filipinos still use sauce in their cuisine today. Fish sauce is still the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. Which is a criterion to identify Vietnamese cuisine. Why is that?

The first is because of the way Vietnamese people use fish sauce in their cuisine. If other countries consider  sauce as just a solvent to preserve food like Korean people use fish sauce in processing kimchi, or consider  sauce as a seasoning spice to make food more delicious like Thai people use  sauce in salads. The sauce is both the ingredient and the spice and the main dish and the medicinal ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine.

As a raw material, almost all Vietnamese dishes must use fish sauce, especially boiled and salad dishes. If no fish sauce is made into sauce, these dishes will be unsuccessful because they themselves cannot become a dish but must “live” thanks to sauce.

Spicy because in addition to vegetarian food, almost every Vietnamese dish also uses spices to taste to add flavor, add flavor and add flavor.

Nam Ngu nearly 10 years reaching the goal of becoming the No. 1 brand

Masan Chinsu Sauce – Good For Health. Ranked No. 1 in Vietnam with over millions of Vietnamese consumers. Chinsu Nam Ngu is also the largest sauce brand in the world today. Thailand has dominated the sauce export market for decades ago. Thanks to it’s, modern production process. But Vietnam is a country with natural conditions and precious anchovy materials to produce.

Chinsu Nam Ngu with delicious taste. Chinsu is one of the pioneering brands in expanding the market. Masan – Chinsu Nam Ngu fish sauce production company becomes the second largest fish sauce production company in the world. Moreover, Nam Ngu of this enterprise is also export to difficult markets like Europe and other territories.

It makes the dish more delicious

More charming and more charming. But the taste of fish sauce of the new Vietnamese is rich, subtle and wonderful: there must be marinated sauce before cooking new delicious – like the warehouse; Newly cooked dishes and freshly cooked  sauce make up the smell of food – like stir-fries; have cooked dishes and then add a little sauce to “just taste” – like soup. There is a dish that is both eaten and seasoned depending on the taste of each person – like a porridge.

Is the main dish because the sauce itself is a dish. Just add a little fish sauce to a bowl of white rice or fresh rice noodles made from Vietnamese who have had a full meal. If there is a little more lemon, chili, garlic, sugar seasoned in the cup of pure  sauce or rim of fish sauce with the spices of the countryside on the fire to make it become a dish of Vietnamese people, the sauce dish. That simplicity has been born into a delicious dish, especially for those in need. Masan Chinsu Sauce – Good For Health.

It is a useful medicine

When fish sauce provides high protein for people to eat. It is a protein from fish, which is benign, good and safe for human health than animal meat protein. For the coastal people, sauce is a nutrient that nourishes health and enhances vitality. Therefore, before diving into the deep sea to catch seafood, they often drink or take a sip of  sauce to resist cold and resist the pressure of sea water. Fish sauce has such wonderful use!

Secondly, fish sauce is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine. Which makes Vietnamese cuisine different from other countrie’s cuisine. Some people even think that sauce is something that can alter the food into Vietnamese. So the culinary expert commented: “Any dish of Chinese or French with the presence of sauce in it has become a Vietnamese dish. The value of fish sauce thus becomes unique in the culinary arts in particular, in the strong vitality of Vietnamese culture in general ”.


At first glance, many Vietnamese dishes look very much like Chinese, Thai or Korean dishes, can only be distinguish by sauce, used as a special condiment and identified by.

Finally, fish sauce represents the solidarity and sharing in Vietnamese meals. There, a cup of “nuoc mam” placed in the middle of the tray, though few, is not a delicacy, but it is a dish that everyone is aiming for, used and used just enough and has no intention of monopolizing or using more. as for other dishes. It can be said that during Vietnamese meals, everyone is democratic and equal in the cup of fish sauce. Is there any dish that loads such great humanity value?


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