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Fanta Orange Soft Drink 330ML

Fanta orange juice is a popular drink in the world. Fanta Orange Soft Drink 330ml bring fresh feeling, endless freshness with sweet orange flavor. Fanta is a product of Coca-Cola's leading beverage brand, completely free of preservatives and toxic chemicals, giving users peace of mind.

Fanta Jelly Fizz Soft Drink is a favorite drink, bringing a refreshing, fresh feeling after hours of tired work, after playing sports. Fanta Orange Flavor is made from safe ingredients, high quality, light gas, natural orange, this is a delicious, nutritious drink for your whole family. The product is a refreshing drink that helps to provide good vitamins and minerals to the body, a quick way to replenish body fluids while exercising or playing sports. Moreover, Fanta Fruity Beverages is compact, easy to carry and easy to carry around with you to enjoy at any time.

Fanta Orange Soft Drink will accompany you on the trip, the fun with friends. Fanta improves appetite for meals, relieves thirst, bringing to the inspiration for a long active day.

Product informationFanta Orange Soft Drink 330ml has a milder gas content and natural orange flavor, which stimulates the taste buds when ingested, enhances the digestive process and is suitable for drinking after enjoying fried chicken or pizza. Fanta orange has become an indispensable drink in meetings, parties at home and office, restaurants, eateries.

Highlights:Fanta is produced from pure orange juice, delicious and attractive taste, moderate sweetness. Fanta juice drink, more Fanta, less serious.Fanta has a high vitamin C content to provide energy, increase the resistance for the user.

In addition, with modern production technology, products meet the standards of food hygiene and safety, not harmful to the health of users.Water capacity is 600ml, suitable for 2 drinkers, cost savings.

Uses:Fanta helps dispel thirst effectively.Carbonated gas helps the digestive system work well, drink after every meal to help belly healthy, full of energy.

Ingredients: Water saturated with Co2, sugar, sugar cane, sour ...

Manual: Use directly. More delicious cold drink.

Preservation instructions: Keep in cool, protected from direct sunlight.

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