Fanta Juice Drink- More Fanta, Less Serious


Fanta Juice Drink- More Fanta, Less Serious

Fanta juice drink is a well-known brand of carbonated beverages around the world developed by Coca-Cola. It is also one of the top 50 drinks in the world by the CNN Go TV channel of the United States. Currently, Fanta Orange Soft Drink is present in 180 countries and territories around the world with over 100 flavors.  Like Coca-Cola, Fanta was born out of need for war. In the 1940s, during the Third Reich, World War II began to spread and became increasingly fierce. International trade is severely affect. German imports and exports have been disrupt, resulting in a shortage of products in the German market, including soft drinks such as Coca-Cola. Although Coca-Cola only made a syrup, but because the United States declared war on Germany, Coca-Cola was banned from exporting to Germany. Max Keith, the managing director of the Coca-Cola company in Germany, realized the need for a new drink to keep the plant running. Due to the lack of raw materials, Keith decide to make new products from any of the materials. It’s Fanta with orange flavor. This inevitably created a very successful beverage later. 

The name Fanta.

Soon after, a naming contest was launch in the factory. M.Keith then told his staff (in German) that, maximizing their imagination (Fantasie), an immediate salesman named Joe Knipp proposed to simplify From Fantasie, the name Fanta came into being in 1941. After its appearance, Fanta quickly became a popular beverage in the Nazi regime and was promote by Hitler. Since Fanta juice drink , Coca-Cola’s factory has maintain its normal operation, by 1943, about 3 million bottles of Fanta were consume. At the place of destination, Fanta juice drink is call by different names. In Romania, Secsbia, Bosnia, India, Macedonia and many other countries, Fanta juice drink is call Shokata, derived from Socatà, a drink extracted from fruit burnt rice. Netherlands and Switzerland, people have black Fanta. In a nutshell, where any flavoring is use to flavor Fanta, the name is follow by Fanta. Belgium, there is Fanta Funky Orange, while in England there is Fanta Zero (also known as Fanta Z) for dieters. Spain, a new word was invent: Pagafantas, meaning people like Fanta juice drink to refer to single love. Read more Fanta jelly fizz soft drink.

“More Fanta, Less Serious”

With a long-term business orientation for the future, in 2007. Fanta juice drink launched a “Less Serious” campaign globally. Previously, the old version of this program was made in Latin American, European, African and Asian markets. Although Fanta’s ad spend has dropped from $ 7.4 million in 2006 to $ 4.1 million in 2010, the “Less Serious” ad campaign is still on a very large scale. big and powerful. Targeted in the campaign are teenagers 16 years of age and older and young, multicultural teenagers. Who feel they are cool in the hands of the Fanta jelly fizz soft drink. And with the message “More Fanta, Less Serious”. The brand wants to convey a very optimistic message, drink Fanta juice drink. Because all your troubles will follow that disappear.

Fanta in Vietnam market.

Fanta juice drink has been a big brand in Vietnam with continuous growth in recent years. With this encouraging signal, Coca-Cola Vietnam has decided to focus more strongly on the brand. This row. From the beginning of 2017 up to now. 3 flavors have been produce and sold in the market with delicious flavor.  Bringing the total 5 Fanta flavor in the current Vietnamese market. Orange, Sarsi, Blueberry, Tropical Fruits and Fanta + C (vitamin C supplement). And in the future, Fanta juice drink will have more new flavors. More delicious to meet the diverse needs of consumers, especially young people.


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