Fanta Jelly Fizz Soft Drink

Fanta Jelly Fizz

Fanta Jelly Fizz Soft Drink

Fanta is a type of orange soda drink. Popular throughout the world. The brand is always own by Coca-Cola. But this drink was actually made in Germany and lack its existence in the lack of ingredients during World War II. The process of forming the Fanta orange soft drink in the past of the Nazis has been particularly well-known until recently. That was before Pepsi canceled a nasty ad in April with Kendall Jenner breaking the tension at a rally with a Pepsi. Fanta had a say in publicizing his Nazi roots with advertising in 2015 to mark his 75th birthday. Now just launch Fanta Jelly Fizz Soft Drink. In the ad, a storyteller explains how the “smart heads” at Coca Cola invented Fanta in Germany because of the lack of ingredients needed to make Coke, not to mention the fact that these ingredients were scarce. Allied forces banned Nazi Germany during the war. The narrator then went on to say that to celebrate the 75th birthday of the drink. We have brought back the feeling of the good old days.

Coca-Cola is the largest beverage company in the world.

Developed rapidly in all countries of the world. Taking a large market share for seven years from 1933-1939. The number of Coke sold in Germany was between 100,000 and 4.5 million barrels a year. Up to 50 plants are built to meet this tremendous demand. The success of the brand was confirme by the fact that Coca Cola became the main sponsor of the Berlin Olympics in 1939. From the hindrances it has transformed into successes and breakthroughs. The transport of syrup, raw materials needed to produce Coke to German factories, has been difficult because of the war. Many bans on imports into Germany have been issue. Because of this, the production of Coke has been stopp. Not because of that factory closure. Max Keith, who was responsible for producing Coke in Germany, did not want to end up there. So he continued to prepare to produce a new product. The recipe includes scraps and leftovers from various industrial processes. Used from milk and scraps of many fruits, mainly apples, from fruit juices added with many other ingredients to create drinks they call Fanta.


Fanta Orange Soft Drink 330ml we know today only became flavored with citrus fruits in the 1950s. A bottling plant in Naples, Italy, started producing and selling Fanta Oranges in 1955, using a variety of fruits. plants of local origin. “Fanta’s name is derive from the German Fantastisch, which means great. The name is chosen to co-operate with Coca Cola HQ in the US. Who was not impress with this product and thought, it need an interesting word to sell it. But Fanta became very popular with the German public. Although it was only introduce to the rest of the world a few years after the war, becoming popular worldwide in the 1970s.” One of the hallmarks of Fanta is its unique ability to convey light joy through a variety of flavors. All the flavors Fanta brings are fruit in it. Many brands in Coca-Cola have their core flavor. For Fanta, it’s all about fruit. Everything we do has fruit in the center of it, with orange being the heroic variant. Sold for the first time in 1960. Fanta Orange Soft Drink is currently the second largest beverage brand in the world, a position it retains here in Australia.

Fanta’s future

The latest chapter in Fanta Long, In 2017 Fanta started by launching new sensory scope. In addition to Fanta Orange, Zero Orange, Grape and Raspberry. Fanta is launching a range of sensory, sensory, visual, and sensory products. People really love this flavor. Fanta wants to raise awareness and provide something completely unique and different from everything else in the drinks category, to create new experiences for teens to try. Coca-Cola Vietnam Company Limite officially introduces the new Fanta Jelly Fizz drink, bringing the taste experience to the youth.

Coca-Cola Viet Nam is proud to produce Fanta Jelly Fizz

Refreshing drinks combined with Jelly are consider to be a welcome trend throughout the world. As a beverage brand for everyone, Coca-Cola has always been the pioneer in catching the trend and constantly creating. The new Fanta Jelly is a combination of the familiar Fanta flavor of Jelly. Which offers a pleasant and enjoyable experience for the user. With this unique combination, the product is sure to satisfy the “fanatical” of Fanta is still looking forward to a new breakthrough of the product. It can be said that, in addition to considering the variety of flavors. Coca-Cola also focuses on research to adjust and improve the formula, new experiences for users, and products Fanta Jelly Fizz. Evidence for this. Fanta will continue its innovation history, one thing has change. Fanta Orange’s iconic flavor.


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