Enchanteur Collection Vietnam

Enchanteur Collection Vietnam

Enchanteur Collection Vietnam

Enchanteur is one of the leading brands in bathing and personal care products for modern, youthful and romantic women. It creates a legend base on diverse scents such as Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Shower Gel 650G, Magic, Romantic, Sensation, delicate from France. The capital of famous and immortal fragrances. The combination of typical French perfume and delicate exterior makes the difference of Enchanteur Collection Vietnam.

Enchanteur is a trademark owned by WIPRO UNZA. WIPRO UNZA aims to become the leading international consumer goods company in Asia. Where people have the full potential to create innovative products and quality that bring excitement to people’s lives. Maximum consumption and profit for investors.

WIPRO UNZA, belonging to Wipro Consumer Products & Lighting System Group. It is one of the leading companies producing and trading personal care products in Southeast Asia with specialized brands for Asians serve millions of consumers every day. See more about What are the benefits of using shower gel?

Enchanteur Collection Vietnam

What do you know about Enchanteur Collection Vietnam?

Enchanteur has a wide range of products such as. Enchanteur Collection Vietnam: Deluxe Sentation, Deluxe Charming, White Romantic… If you are wondering if you have any choice, the following article will help you.

Enchanteur shampoo and conditioner.

Also carries the aroma of high-quality, seductive French perfume and added Pro vitamin B5. Enchanteur’s duo of shampoo and conditioner now has 2 different scent styles. With passionate, unforgettable, charming fragrance like the proclamation for girls who want to stand out and shine in the crowd. It was these gentle but unmistakable notes that made him only once smell but could not forget. And Sensation is a fragrance suitable for romantic and emotional girls.

Enchanteur perfume shower gel

A special feature that Enchanteur Collection Vietnam is loved by many combination of 2 in 1. Shower gel and perfume is a perfect combination to help you always feel confident. my body.

Enchanteur with a passionate and charming French extract, gives you a feeling of relaxation and comfort when using. At the same time with a long-lasting aroma formula that helps the body smell all day.

In addition to cleansing the body. It helps to brighten and smooth the skin, each line of Enchanteur’s shower gels has different ingredients and uses for the skin but not everyone knows.

Enchanteur Deluxe Sentation

The Enchanteur Deluxe Sentation is rich in Silk Protein nutrients. They help eliminate dead skin cells, speeding up the process of regenerating new cells.

Enchanteur Deluxe Sentation

Besides, the Enchanteur Deluxe Sentation also has a moisturizing function, giving you a smooth, bright white skin.

Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Shower Gel 650G

Enchanteur Deluxe Charming shower gel rich in nutrients from fresh milk cream and vitamin B3. Help you have a smooth, radiant white skin.

For many people, bathing time is an ideal time to relax and beautify body skin. Therefore, choosing appropriate shower gel is a concern of many sisters. Enchenteur Whitening is a skin care product that should be consulted.

  • Take a moderate amount of whitening cream. 
  • Foam and bath cotton
  • Apply gently on the skin
  • Smooth skin, brighter after use
  • How to use the product

Very simple. After moistening your body with clean water, you take a small amount of milk into a sponge bath and apply it to your skin gently. You can massage for 5-10 minutes so that water-soluble jojoba seeds remove sebum and dirt. After that, rinse it off with water and dry it with a soft towel. The product is rich in moisturizing ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Cocamidopropul Betaine, Ceramides multivitamin, Isopropyl palmitate … to make skin softer and smoother.

Niacinamide or vitamin B3 helps to whiten the skin effectively

In addition, the hydrolyzed Jojoba Este ingredient in shower gel helps create tiny red jojoba seeds, which gently massage, removing dirt and sebum on the skin surface.

The special thing of Enchenteur whitening shower gel compared to other similar products is that it contains perfume essential oil ingredients, which helps the skin fragrant and pleasant immediately after bathing.

In addition, the tube design is easy to get the cream and also helps to preserve the amount of shower gel.

If compared with some similarly priced shower gels in the market such as White care or Double rich shower gel, the product has the advantage of more effective use. Brighter skin and longer fragrance retention time

Limitations of Enchenteur Whitening products:

Advertiseed to be able to exfoliate and fix dark skin. The product can only remove dirt, sebum that adheres to the skin surface. Therefore, women should combine with body scrubs with bath salts or other creams to get better results.

Like some other shower gels on the market, Enchenteur Whitening whitening shower gel has an effective whitening effect. For normal skin, not too dark, at least after 1 to 1.5 months of use, the user will notice the brightness of the skin. With darker, darker skin, the longer the whitening time. Therefore, women need to persevere to use for a long time and in combination with other whitening methods such as using body lotion … to have positive results.

Enchanteur Deluxe Charming. Along with the scent of French perfume will make you more confident and charming with your smooth white skin, fresh.

Enchanteur Deluxe Romantic

Not only helps you have a smooth, bright white skin with Silk Protein essence, Enchanteur Deluxe Romantic also conquers women by passionate and sexy fragrance.

The Deluxe Romantic is suitable for use on dates, smart romantic space. Surely you will become very attractive thanks to its charm and sexy.

Enchanteur Deluxe Magic

The highlight of Deluxe Magic is a symbol of mysterious and luxurious beauty. Giving you a magical attraction to conquer his heart. Enchanteur white and moisturizing shower gel products will definitely make women fall in love. With great skin whitening benefits, White Enchanteur becomes the first choice of many women.

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