Duck Toilet Cleaner – The Secret Keep Bathroom Clean

Duck Toilet Cleaner

Duck Toilet Cleaner – The Secret Keep Bathroom Clean

Bathrooms and toilets are the most important areas to keep clean. You should use Duck Toilet Cleaner to clean bathroom.

Bacteria exist everywhere in the house, on the street, at home, at work, as especially the most potent bacteria are in the bathroom, toilet. Bacteria not only survive but also multiply. They can evolve in many different ways and create dangerous bacteria. These bacteria spread rapidly through human contact and attacked patients with weakened immune systems. Do not clean the toilet can lead to harmful bacteria can cause abdominal pain, nausea, skin allergies, rash itch … Each time we use the bathroom and toilet flush, we take a bacterium. Duck Pro Bathroom Cleaner 900ml is the best choice to clean your bathroom to kill harmful bacteria. To prevent the spread and growth of bacteria you must cover the toilet after use. And make sure the toilet lid is down when you flush as water. Could spray onto the surface nearby and even more can get on the table. Keep the bathroom and toilet clean every time.

Many families choose to buy and own types of bathroom scouring. Why? You can save time and money by purchasing a versatile toilet scourer – this product can be used on all surfaces, from toilet bowls to hand washers. You only need to pay attention to buy the right scouring. Many toilet scrubs containing acid damage some areas of the bathroom such as ceramic or bathroom walls. Instead, choose a product with a low acid content such as Duck toilet cleaner, which is both effective and lighter, so it can be used to clean toilets, washers, floors, walls and basins. shower. You should also try the product on a small scale before use, be sure to read the manual and wear rubber gloves.

To clean the surface of the toilet, wall, ground in the bathroom. Should use Duck toilet and bathroom cleaner. Bathrooms and sinks can be effectively cleaned using an ice cream cleaner. Rinse any bit of the bath first and then spray the cream around the tub. Wet the cleanser and gently wipe the cream around the sink as this will remove lime. But what you can do is invest in a full container to your laundry house and duty all members of the household to help collect everything dirty and take it away. For additional informations, see this post about Duck S.C Johnson Vietnam.


Bathroom mirrors and cabinets are used on such frequencies and they have never received the attention of a kitchen cabinet. As a result the shelves have a thin layer of talk or dust and the mirror gets a clean finish but it is never perfect. Now it is time to clean up these items. Empty the cabinet and make sure that the price is set correctly in the body. Usually the shelves become loose. Clean the dust inside the bathroom cabinet, door, shelf. Moisture is the main culprit causing odors. Do not hang a wet towel in the room, especially when the room is narrow. After bathing, hang them in a cool place to dry quickly.

Rinse the bathtub, sink, toilet thoroughly with lukewarm water to make sure that you remove all bacteria, parasites that cause damage. Duck toilet and bathroom cleaner are also a great product to clean the faucet as it will leave them with a sparkling shine.

  • Bathroom cleaning techniques and products.

After 4 hours more or less, rub or wipe with clean rags or clean mops. If you have a large space, you can use floor polishers. Floor scan. Use a good broom with a pan of dust together. You do not scan without a dust pan. Repeat the mop in the afternoon. Spray the corners of the room with air cooling.

  1. Soap or cleanser – Use this type to clean bricks, walls, bowls, sinks.
  2. Muriatic acid or Zonrox bleach – Used to whiten the bowl, daily.
  3. The bowl is cleaner with a medium handle – so it can extend the cleaning inside the bowl.
  4. Srub the pads – one for the seat, the other for the wall. Use soap and clean water.
  5. Old newspapers – You can use old newspapers to clean mirrors and glass windows.
  6. A small brush – You must sink the sink and the nozzle.
  7. Lysol, air cooler, scent, toilet duck for bowl water. This is an option, but at least once a week you can refresh your toilet.
  8. Magic Mop – This wipe is good for small toilet to maintain cleanliness. It dries up if the fan is not ventilated.
  9. Small Trash, Plastic Trash – Place plastic lining and throw away garbage every day.


Use surgical gloves to clean the inside of the toilet by hand with a towel or detergent to ensure you have all the cracks in the toilet. Can not use the toilet brush then linger in the bathroom with bacteria and stool. That’s something that I personally would never allow at home. After cleaning the flush wire inside to allow wipes etc. To flush out and then apply a Duck Toilet Cleaner. This not only kills germs but also provides an excellent scent. Then, use household bleach normally on the foot of the toilet and leave them for about two hours if possible before discharging. If you have a bath mat or a toilet seat, make sure it is wash in boiling water at least once a week as it is an ideal breeding ground for germs. When cleaning, make sure you use a Duck toilet cleaner with warm water and wipe it clean afterwards. To wipe in a clean bucket of hot water, rinse the liquid and bleach after use will keep it from germs.


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