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Duck Pro Bathroom Cleaner 900ML

Duck Bathroom Cleaner is a type of bleach under the brand Duck S.C Johnson. Ingredients of Duck Pro Bathroom Cleaner 900ml include water, hydrochloric acid, surfactants, flavors, colors. Detergent in concentrated form, designed to be produced in the form of bottles, so convenient to use.

Toilet water Duck S.C Johnson has the following uses:

Remove rust, lime stains, stains, black marks in the bricks, stains due to personal hygiene, stains, smoke, blood stains, grease stains, ... on the toilet, septic tank, toilet floor.

Easy to clean deep inside the edge of the toilet bowl and sterilize to 99.9% of bacteria types right after contact.

Providing natural, fresh fragrance to the toilet, regular use will help to prevent congestion.

How to use Duck Pro Bathroom Cleaner.

For toilets and bathroom: Spray directly under the corona rim and sanitizing equipment to wash and scrub and rinse with water. Leave for 5 minutes and then wash thoroughly, then clean with water to wash away all the dirt as well as remnants of bleach.

For tile surface: Spray the surface with water, rub and rinse with the same water as for the toilet.

Note when using Duck Pro Bathroom Cleaner 900ml.

You should not dump the water directly into the Duck Water Purifier.

Wear gloves and gloves before using duck sanitizer.

Do not mix Duck toilet cleaner with any other cleanser containing acid or any other product containing chlorine, as this will cause dangerous chemical reactions.

With the powerful Geminex formulation, 25 times more potent than regular products, Duck Dust Extraction cleansing water will be a great aid for home cleaning. This product helps deodorize, rust scour, lime stains, soap stains, black marks in the interstice, grease stains ... Especially, water disinfection 99.9% as soon as exposed to the house Clean and shiny white bath.Duck Mrs Muscle cleansers have a convenient spray bottle design. With its easy-to-use features, disperse liquid to any surface, any desired location, you will achieve higher cleaning efficiency. Especially, the cool and pleasant aroma of water detergent will bring a relaxing and refreshing space to the bathroom. House clean, fragrant and prevent bacteria, you are completely assured and comfortable in the house itself.Deodorizing products in the toilet, bathroom.Helps to remove rust, lime, stains, black marks in the brick, grease stains.Helps bactericidal effectively protect human health.House hygiene and protection of human health.

Ingredients: Hydrochloric Acid (Active), Water, Cleaner C11-15 Sec-Pareth-12 ... 

For best results, spray Duck directly. Muscle super purges around stains.Wash and rinse with water.

Storage instructions:Keep out of the reach of children and pets.Keep in dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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