Common Hair Problem And Solution

Common Hair Problem And Solution

Nearly half of the population suffers from a scalp problem. These problems are most likely cause by dandruff. As your scalp becomes irritated by the bacteria that causes dandruff. Malassezia globosa, the scalp’s reaction is not only peeling. But it can also become itchy and dry. Use Head And Shoulder Cool Methol Shampoo. Bellow is the commen hair problem and solution.

Itchy scalp

Research shows that itching is actually the most common hair problem and solution annoying side effect of dandruff.
When the scalp becomes irritated, you begin to feel itchy. And of course, your immediate response is scratching. But scratching can damage the already fragile scalp, leading to more irritated scalp. Causing the condition to recur and become a vicious cycle. Learn about the cause, symptoms and treatment of itchy scalp with our experts suggestions. The suggestions to help you eliminate itching. Pruritus is a noticeable symptom. Causing a sensation of irritation and an urge to resist irresistible itching that you can almost ignore.

Scalp pruritus is very common hair problem and solution. Almost 75% of people around the world have itchy scalp.
“Scalp pruritus’ is often caused by dandruff. When the scalp becomes irritated by dandruff, you may start to feel itchy when the skin changes the outer layer of skin to remove irritants. Learn more about the causes of dandruff. How they are caused, and some of the factors that can make you dense.
The cause of dandruff is a naturally occurring bacteria on the scalp called Malassezia globosa.
You will see this bacterium on everyone’s scalp, although it only causes dandruff in about 50% of people.”

Here is how bacteria work:

Malassezia globosa eats natural oils on the scalp called sebum. This oil helps to moisturize hair and scalp
When sebum breaks down, it produces a product called oleic acid. 1 in 2 people is very sensitive to oleic acid and the scalp reacts by becoming irritate. In response to this irritation, the scalp begins to become swollen, red and itchy.

Body signals go to the brain to accelerate the process of replacing skin cells faster than usual basically. This is an attempt to remove irritants. The process of changing the skin produces visible dandruff flakes. These are appearing on the scalp, often falling on your shoulders. Other factors can affect dandruff.

Although the root cause of dandruff is always the same. There are a number of factors that can exacerbate the problem or make the problem seem worse. These include seasonal factors in summer and winter, external irritants such as pollution and damage caused by our activities such as using too high temperatures to style hair.

How to treat scalp itching

An effective shampoo for itchy scalp needs to do two things: Help relieve itching solve the root cause of itching. So look for a shampoo that contains ingredients like peppermint and eucalyptus to help bring a cool feeling in the bathroom. In addition, make sure it’s a dandruff shampoo proven to help you eliminate dandruff. That way, you don’t just say goodbye to that annoying itchy feeling. You can also be assiste in solving the root cause of the problem, helping to prevent itching

Dry scalp

If you have had dry skin on your face or hands. You will know how to stretch the main sign that the layer protects the moisture of the skin has been damaged. That commen hair problem and solution
And this symptom is the same on your scalp. When damage dandruff layer protects the skin natural moisture levels’ the skin can be dry, making you feel scalp and uncomfortable. See more Head & Shoulders Shampoo Vietnam.
It can also affect hair, causing hair to become loose and dry. Because of insufficient moisture to keep hair healthy.

Head & Shoulders Shampoo Vietnam

Discover tips and advice for dry scalp.

Dry scalp is often a sign of natural moisture protection on damaged skin. In healthy skin, the outer layers are arrange like a brick wall and they work to keep the moisture inside. So your body still has enough water. But when the scalp becomes irritated, the structure will weaken, causing the moisture needed to disappear and the scalp may dry out.

How to treat dry scalp

When your scalp is dry, effective treatment needs to do two things: Moisturize the dry scalp
solve root causes damage to help the body repair inherent natural moisture protection. An effective shampoo for dry scalp will do it.
By increasing moisture for the scalp, this shampoo will treat the symptoms and also by supporting dandruff treatment. H&S shampoo will help prevent further damage to the skin, so your body can carve more damaged clothes.

Sensitive scalp

The scalp is the third sensitive skin area behind the hands and face. That meaning the scalp can become red and irritated easily.
There are many things you can do from simple things. Like lowering the water temperature from the shower down to choosing a shampoo designe to work gently on sensitive skin. More information about sensitive scalp. We often hear about sensitive skin in the hands and face, but your scalp is act.


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