Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900ML

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What is the first point of Nam Ngu? Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900ML with the beautiful brown color of cockroach and the right sauce. When tilting the bottle pouring out the white porcelain cup. The wave of hot sauce sticks to the cup and then just a few more slices of red and green pepper. The whole family can enjoy the delicious taste.

Droplets of fish sauce extracted from the barrel house.

When mentioning which fish sauce is healthy and delicious, mention Nam Ngu.

Not only that, delicious fish sauce also must be smelling fishy, ​​not too hot, but give a strong aroma when tasting on dishes. So Nam Ngu delicious fish sauce is a familiar choice of Vietnamese housewives. Because it is not too salty, not harsh, sweet enough but delicious and easily processed without adding help to housewives. Drag the whole family to the table.

To occupy the trust of consumers. Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce always ensures a fully closed production process, meeting food hygiene and safety standards. From the barrel of fish sauce in Phu Quoc. The seasoned fish sauce experts of the company are diligently inspecting and monitoring the quality of all materials for fish sauce, from the source of freshly caught anchovies and immediately salted. on the boat to the impurity level of the salt source, the purity of the water source.

Fish sauce after extracting the experts re-quality testing, before putting into double pasteurization to ensure no harmful bacteria but still retain the delicious taste. Combined with closed bottling, the company launched delicious fish sauce bottles Nam Ngu to clean bacteria, ensuring safety for users’ health.

Strict selection of materials

The quality of Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900ML is particularly well known by the ingredients. Any fish can make fish sauce, but Masan producers only use fresh fish. These fishes are caught right from the seas near the enclosures built. To ensure freshness, fish will be mixed with salt right on the boat after catching. In addition, the batch of anchovies before being put into composting in the barrel must also be scored through 5 strict criteria at the port: the ratio of trash fish, fish type, salinity, freshness and dryness to ensure The best quality.

Exploitation must go hand in hand with protection.

As a corporation that focuses on sustainable development, Masan not only focuses on exploiting and manufacturing but also pays great attention to protecting resources. In the face of the fact that anchovy production is severely reduced due to indiscriminate fishing, eliminating fry. The company has worked closely with the Fisheries Department in the program to preserve anchovies and support fishermen to buy fish with long-term orientation.

In the near future, with the relentless efforts. The brand of Chinsu Nam Ngu fish sauce will reach the target of serving 70 million domestic consumers every day and affirming the No. 1 position in the international market. 

Chinsu Vietnam has been raising the quality for a better, richer family dish, promising to bring surprises to consumers every day. Concentrated Chinsu fish sauce is an effective assistant for the chefs, the housewives variations their dishes more specifically.

Chinsu Vietnam thinks that a delicious fish sauce bottle is the key factor for the success of the product. All kinds of fish can be cooked, but only anchovy can produce high quality fish sauce with special flavor. The anchovy source after being caught from the sea will be supervised and rigorously evaluated by the leading art experts through 5 criteria such as trash fish rate, fish type, salt level, freshness and dryness. to ensure the best quality fish sauce source, meeting the standards of the Ministry of Health.


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