Cavities In Children

Cavities In Children

Cavities In Children

Bacteria usually last from 20 minutes to about 1 hour in the mouth after eating, depending on the form of condensation, liquid or diluted or sweetened. Once you have eaten the bacteria in your food, it will become sticky on your teeth and they will just “wait” for you to eat food from the starch and sugar to produce acid. The inorganic substances of enamel and dentin, from which the cavities will form. Colgate maximum cavity protection toothpaste 200g will help you prevent cavities in children.

Tooth decay is a gradual process that, if left untreated, develops into a small hole in the tooth. After a period of time the bacteria buildup in the mouth will form a sticky substance called plaque. Each time we eat sugar or starchy foods, the plaque gradually becomes stiffer and forms tartar. Bacteria in plaque, or tarnish, produce an acid that destroys the hardened minerals of the enamel. This creates software, or holes in the teeth, called deep holes.


When this hole is deeper, it will feed into the soft inner layer of the tooth. If it continues to eat deep into the pulp. This is a very serious condition that causes pain and leads to tooth loss. Sugar is the biggest cause of tooth decay in children. Food is a favorable condition for bacteria to cling to it, especially eating sugar, eating sweets, do not brush your teeth before going to bed. Flushes of food that cling to the teeth, if not regular brushing or periodontics will also make the environment conducive to bacteria that cause tooth decay. Dietary habits that contain sugary foods such as candy, sweet fruit … make the most of tooth decay. In addition, your subjective well-being can also be a cause of tooth decay.



Consequences that children’s tooth decay Tooth decay causes your teeth to be extremely painful due to tooth damage, if not treat the pulp in time to cause tooth inflammation can lead to pulp necrosis, causing toothache. Child tooth decay causes damage to the pulp. Child decay also causes inflammation of the lymph nodes, bone marrow inflammation, cellulitis, sinusitis. In children who are infected with dental caries, if not properly treated, permanent tooth eruption will be affected.

Tooth decay affects children’s permanent teeth. In addition to the consequences on tooth decay also cause bad breath. Bad breath causes a serious loss in communication, sometimes breaking up many relationships in the work


How to prevent tooth decay for children?

Tooth decay is also very easy to prevent, eat plenty of fiber, limit sweets containing sugar and brush your teeth at least twice a day with Colgate toothpaste prevent cavities. Colgate sensitive pro relief multi protection, colgate smiles children’s toothpaste, colgate vitamin C vietnam wholesale, colgate sensitive pro relief whitening, colgate plax fresh mint mouthwash prevent cavities in children. Early treatment if your smile is healthy and fresh. Treatment of children’s tooth decay. If new teeth are deep, it is necessary to fill teeth to avoid infection through the side teeth, while also protecting the pulp, help you not to be sensitive when eating. In case of severe scraping scrapie clean, deep hole sealing and sealing. If the tooth pulp inflammation, the doctor will replace the tooth pulp for you. And then use Colgate toothpaste prevent cavities for children.

Drug treatment for new cases deep, not formed hole. The drug is usually used to spot the worm, this is an antiseptic solution. This method is only used for the deepening of the teeth in the rear. Because it can cause tooth enamel color change.

Removal of debris, applied to all cavities in children, especially deep holes, to prevent further development of tooth decay. The remedial measures the worm, using a solution of cacium, phosphate, fluorine poured into the teeth. This method applies to cases where new teeth are deeper, which can narrow the lime white area or stop growing. This is a simple, effective, painless and safe method of recovery.

Deep cavity patching is a daily remedy for tooth decay, applied to teeth that are capable of locating after deep penetration. When solder patches use patch material to the defect of the teeth, restore the function of teeth, to maintain the aesthetic and functional function of the teeth.

What are the symptoms of cavities in children?

Deep holes are sometimes visible to the naked eye as black or brown dots on the teeth, but are most noticeable only in X-rays. So do not forget to visit your dentist regularly. The following signs are indications that you are suffering from cavities: Bad breath or mouth is irritating. Sensitive teeth. Pain is more pronounced when exposed to heat, cold, and food or water. Appearing white patches on the teeth.

Preventing tooth decay in children

  • First of all must be hygiene that the mouth after eating, before going to bed
  • Teeth replacement is especially important for teeth. Like giving children enough toothpaste, brushing their teeth and teaching them how to brush their teeth.
  • First of all must be hygiene that the mouth after eating, before going to bed. Limit foods high in sugar. Replacing teeth must pay special attention to teeth. Such as giving children enough toothpaste, brushing their teeth and teaching their children how to brush their teeth.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste, can use mouthwash, bactericidal after meal. Pregnant women need calcium supplementation to give birth to children without tooth decay. Everybody needs to have a dental check every 6 months to detect changes in teeth, timely treatment methods appropriate.

Therefore, for the prevention of dental diseases and complications. It is necessary to strengthen prevention and treatment soon, have routine dental examination every 6 months.

Take care of your baby’s teeth today so that there is no regret about decay in children. For children, adults should teach them how to brush their teeth properly. Limit children to eat bread, candy and sweets, to follow the meal. Brushing your teeth after eating at least 2 times a day in the morning and at night. Wish you take good care of your small family.


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