Business And Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Business And Sustainable Development

Sustainable development, the general business trend of the times.

Now a day, a lot of global company have a commitment to sustainable development. They understand the success of a business will not simply be the revenue figures shown in the annual reports but also the outstanding and long-term value that the business builds and carries to be for everyone. Coca cola the international company has headquarter in Vietnam. The strong product is Coca Cola soft drink 330ml. It is one of the leading companies committed to sustainable development. The Coca cola company is known for Coca cola soft drink original taste.

Getting to know about the international organization for sustainable development.

According to Wikipedia “The organization was established in 1995 by a group of private and public agents interested in implementing practical programs and promoting reflection on the theme of Sustainable Development outside the developed Western world.

IOSD’s most notable initiative was the constitution of the Euclid University Consortium (EUC) in partnership with the universities of N’Djamena, Bangui and ULI Brussels. Since October 2006, the consortium offers a joint degree program in Sustainable Development. An agreement signed in December 2006 by IOSD and the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides for scholarship and technical programs.

IOSD is also active in other areas, notably technological support, grant-writing support and the Center on Desertification and Reforestation project.

IOSD is an accredited Observer NGO of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).”

Global Climate Change. The common interest of the world.

The issue that most people concerned about is global climate change. Changes in the climate system include atmospheric, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere. Probably present and future by natural and artificial causes. The climate change could be a change in average weather or change around an average. Which may be limited to a certain area or across the Earth. So a really worrying, life-threatening issue. Finally this climate change can be a great deal of harm to our lives. Therefore they join with global issues. A plenty of company is delivering commitment of sustainable development. Besides that protect global environment, contribute the better world. It’s can help business growth, reliable and productivity. In Vietnam, companies like vinamilk, coca cola, p&g and unilever are making great strides in implementing sustainable development.

Coca cola sustainability goals.

Coca Cola soft drink taste the feeling. As a manufacturer, Coca Cola company is aware that any production activity has an impact on the environment. Therefore, they are constantly striving to find solutions to mitigate the negative impacts on the environment and find ways to make efficient use of resources and energy. All solutions are gear towards the following key objectives: the efficient use of inputs materials, energy, water and control of outputs to minimize environmental impacts. As a result Coca cola have a lot project protect environment. So let find out project Coca Cola soft drink taste the feeling.

Do not waste to nature.

Similarly, Coca-Cola is working with partners including VCCE, Dow and Unilever. Because Coca Cola want more connect. So they launch the project “Do not waste to Nature” initiative and develop a test model of plastic recycling in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, including:

  • Developing a cyclical economic value chain as well as policy recommendations to facilitate the roll out of the cyclical economy in Vietnam.
  • Increased community awareness of plastic waste.
  • Finding effective plastic recycling solutions and solving problems arising from plastic waste.
  • Establish and formulate a responsible waste management habit for society and the community.

Initiative awareness for recognition of plastic recycling.

Coca-Cola is now working with Unesco on a project called “Awareness Recycling Initiative”

  • Raising awareness of the community and transforming this awareness into creative recycling, recycling and recycling activities for plastics and solid wastes.
  • Create a proactive change network for the collection and treatment of recycled wastes. Therefore it’s including discussion activities, waste collection practices in local communities, clearing the sea.

Plastic Action Network

Coca-Cola is working closely with GreenHub to develop a strong plastic waste operation network. So this program is implement through the Reduced – Reuse – Recycle Plastics.

  • Establish a sustainable development and effective action network on the use and use of plastics.
  • Promote the implementation and application state of art technology and business solutions for plastic operations and use.
  • Assist in the efficient, safe and efficient use of plastic classification, reuse and recycling.
  • Strengthen advocacy and practice guidelines for the community.

Use recycling

Coca-Cola is innovating to create more packaging and can be recycled by:

  • Coca Cola aims to reduce carbon emissions during operations. By seeking sources and uses of recycled materials, recycled materials and other sustainable materials such as rpet and plant bottle in the packaging production process for beverage products.
  • CocaCola work with partners to recycle and recycle bottles and cans equivalent to 75% of the volume of bottles and cans from our products in developed markets.


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