Best Powder Laundry Detergent In Vietnam

Powder Laundry Detergent In Vietnam

Best Powder Laundry Detergent In Vietnam

Currently on the Vietnam market. There are quite a few cosmetic brands that offer laundry products like Unilever (OMO, Viso, Surf Perfume Powder Laundry Detergent), P&G (Tide, Ariel) and other domestic brands such as Aba, Lix, Vi Dan, Net, My Hao… Here are the best powder laundry detergent in Vietnam.

1 / Omo powder laundry detergent

Product information The product omo has long dominate the powder laundry detergent in Vietnam market. Maybe with many brands omo only talking about washing powder. It will immediately think of no other type. Information on product: Omo swirls stubborn stains in 1 wash (chocolate, oil slick, tomato sauce, coffee, fruit juice, black sauce). Fragrance lock technology helps long-lasting aroma clothes. Even when dry and while wearing. Gentle with hand skin, teste and certify by Central Dermatology Hospital. Chemical composition on the label: List the element quite fully. There are 24 components. Contains a foaming agent Sodium lauryl sulfate. Omo has categories: hand washing and washing machines. Ultra-fast Clean OMO, New Fragrance – swirling stubborn stains faster, lighter with hand skin. OMO New with swirling energy particles, now improve with ultra-fast cleaning technology. Dissolving, penetrating into fabric fibers, swirling stubborn stains faster, only in 1 wash, even grease stains (Chocolate stains, Cooking oil stains, Ketchup, Coffee, Fruit juice, Hoisin sauce). Cotton fragrance lock. Aroma-scenting with new and sweet fragrance helps smelling long-smelling clothes, even when dry and while wearing. Has been teste and certifie by National Dermatology Hospital: OMO, Gently with hands. OMO Mild On Skin – swirling stubborn stains faster with a pH-effect formula, nourishing sensitive skin like baby’s skin. Powder Laundry Detergent In Vietnam Consumer reviews Advantages:

  • Very short soaking time: 15 minutes.
  • Extremely fast water solubility, less than 30 seconds.
  • Clean clothes.
  • The aroma leaves gently.
  • Prestigious brand.


  • There are no recommendations for washing machines.
  • The label doesn’t hurt the skin but after washing it still feels dry, hiss and sticky.
  • More foam.
  • Must mix well, otherwise white clothes will be streaked with green.

2 / Ariel powder laundry detergent

Product information Ariel is a famous brand of laundry detergent in the US, was born in the 1960s with more than 50 years of development, creating many products to make washing of people more convenient and easier. One of the most successful and well-received products in the US and in many countries around the world, including Vietnam, of this long-standing brand is Ariel laundry detergent. Laundry water is produce by the superior formula, applying modern technology, advanced, quality products, removing all stains without damaging the fabric material, keeping the color of clothes long, using Safe, not harmful to health, save a pleasant fragrance on the fabric. Ariel laundry detergent is produced in liquid form, capable of rapidly dissolving in water, easily penetrating and removing stains effectively and especially washing water does not leave soap residue on clothes after washing like many other detergents. When washing clothes with this laundry water, you need to soak clothes for a long time, just dip the clothes into the liquid detergent solution, gently rub the stain will disappear immediately. Evaluate consumer senses


Do not dry hands.

  • The dissolved powder is not lumpy when washing the machine.
  • Wash your hands and machine.
  • Clothes are washed and brighter.


  • Many bubbles
  • Clothes after washing are not fragrant.
  • Many mucus

3 / Tide powder laundry detergent

Product information Over the past 60 years. Tide has been a popular brand of powder laundry detergent in Vietnam. To keep clothing clean and bright, and make laundry more enjoyable. Tide is the leading and most popular laundry detergent brand in the US. Because Tide is the first detergent to remove stains without rubbing many times. At the time of Tide’s birth, helping women save 9 hours a week. Helping to free a generation of women from heavy laundry. Welcome in Vietnam market since 1996. Tide has constantly serve Vietnamese consumers with products of outstanding quality. Tide is always committed to becoming the ultimate laundry solution and the housewife’s best friend. They always bringing dynamism and confidence to the whole family through clean, clean white clothes. Tide Downy powder laundry detergent in Vietnam is new product with a special feature. That dissolves 5 times faster than regular washing powder for faster washing and brighter clothes. The product is suitable for both hand washing and washing machines. Consumer reviews Advantages of Tide Detergent:

  • Wash clean and white clothes
  • Huong loved for a long time
  • Small, fine particles dissolve quickly in water
  • Disadvantages of Tide Detergent:
  • Hand skin is hissed after washing
  • Long soaking time: about 20 minutes
  • More foam
  • See more Top best dishwashing liquid

4 / Aba powder laundry detergent in Vietnam

Powder Laundry Detergent In Vietnam Product information Dai Viet Huong Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd (VIETCOS). Formerly Viet Huong Cosmetic, was found by a group of chemical engineers and medical doctors working at Can Tho University more than 15 years ago with those who love. The famous brand has deepen into Vietnamese consumers Biona, E100 and ABA DETERGENT. Thermoactiva’s superior formula with heat generating properties creates a comprehensive activation process, isolating stains from fabric fibers quickly. The hydrolysis of enzymes that are strongly boost by the superior formula. Thermoactiva causes stains to dissolve in the water, giving new clean white fabrics. ABA thermal detergent contains cellulose derivatives with optimal anti-repellent properties. Super white bleaching, fresh color enhancement, keeping the brilliance of fabric color. With the advantage of working at the university. This group of engineers and doctors often have the opportunity to study abroad and approach the world’s major laboratories. They selected and coin the use of advance scientific formulas to improve the application of existing products and develop new products. In April 2007, the company invest in building a new factory producing cosmetics in Vinh Long with the value of 5 million USD with the capacity of the whole plant estimated at 6,000 – 14,000 tons / year, with modern lines that produce cGMP standard body care and home care products.

5 / SURF powder laundry detergent in Vietnam

Powder Laundry Detergent In Vietnam Information about Surf Perfume Powder Detergent: SURF Fragrant Spring Detergent with an innovative formula helps quickly remove stubborn stains effectively after just 1 wash. In addition, the product has a light, pure fragrance that brings comfort to use. Consumer reviews Advantages of Surf Laundry Detergent: Cheap and scente Disadvantages of Surf Detergent:

  • Clothes often get stained with soap after washing the machine.
  • Greasy hands.
  • Many communes have to stop the foam.

6 / Viso powder laundry detergent in Vietnam

Information on products: Dual bright white energy, advance technology from Unilever research lab. Port Sunlight (UK), eliminates yellowing on clothes, enhances bright white effect on the first wash. Consumer reviews Advantages:

  • Washing hands and machines are okay
  • Wash hands to leave the fragrance long
  • Do not stain soap when washing the machine


  • Large, long-lasting detergent powder
  • Many foams have to resettle many countries before the foam ends
  • After washing, skin dry and hiss

Which detergent brand should you choose for your washing machine?

According to the information on TV ads. Detergents such as Omo or Ariel can easily disintegrate stains. However, should washing clothes be better with washing water or washing powder? Below is a comparison between choosing washing water and detergent for your washing machine. Completely dissolve in water, leaving no soap residue on clothes. Often leaving soap residue on clothes and white sores.

  • Do not harm your skin
  • Dry hand skin
  • The fabric is durable, soft and keeps the aroma gentle
  • Hardening of fabric, discoloration, strong scent

Thus, the initial cost to buy washing water is more expensive than washing powder. But the efficiency is far superior and economically more economical. Thanks to its completely soluble properties in water. It is easy to penetrate deeply into each fabric and dislodge “stubborn” stains such as grease, stains … Washing water without leaving soap residue and white sores on pants coat like washing powder. The trick is to be able to easily handle stains before washing. By dabbing a little washing water on the stain and crunching. Then put in the washing machine, only in a few minutes of clean, clean clothes. But it doesn’t take too much effort.


Currently on the market. There are quite a few cosmetic brands that offer laundry products like Unilever (OMO, Viso, Surf Detergent), P&G (Tide, Ariel) and other domestic brands such as Aba, Lix, Net, My Hao … In particular Ariel laundry detergent receive a lot of good reviews from housewives. Because of its effect of smashing stains. Pleasant aroma and not harming skin with solid formula Especially Micro Booster particles. Ariel washing water cling to each end of oil, fat molecule, creating a large liquid droplet. Then helping to separate oil from each fiber rather than following the mechanism of bleaching water to erode clothes. Source:

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