Benefit of apple juice you need to know

Benefit of Apple Juice

Benefit of apple juice you need to know

Our girlfriends often use apple juice as an effective food in weight loss. However, apple juice has many benefits to our health and beauty.

Apple juice rich in potassium

Potassium in our bodies acts as an electrolyte to help maintain the body’s balance of essential acids. While maintaining electrocardiographic activity. Potassium is essential for building muscles and proteins as well as promoting carbohydrate activity in the body. On average, an adult needs 4,700 mg of potassium per day and about 5,100 mg for pregnant women. A glass of green apple juice contains 523 mg of potassium, providing over 11% of adult recommend potassium and nearly 10% for pregnant women.

Vitamin K helps healthy bones and teeth

Vitamin K is also known as “coagulation vitamin” to support blood clotting. Without vitamin K, your body will experience abnormal bleeding, difficult to heal wounds or frequent bruising. Vitamin K also helps your body absorb calcium, most importantly helping healthy bones and teeth. Daily vitamin K intake is 1.2mg for men and 0.9 mg for women. Those who are pregnant and breastfeeding. A glass of apple juice has 0.01 vitamin K, providing 11.7% of the vitamin K needed for men and 15% for women.

Benefit of Apple Juice

 #1. Lose weight

For girls who are losing weight, surely an apple is an indispensable “character” in the diet every day, right? It can be said that this is the pharmaceutical god of safe and effective weight loss regime.

So is apple juice. If you drink them every day and regularly, losing weight is just a small thing for girls now. The amount of fat in the apple is insignificant, almost absent, and in the apple is also very low in protein (about 5%). So the amount of calories loaded into the body is also extremely small (50 – 80 calories). Therefore, apples help girlfriends lose fat and lose weight.

Not only that, but in apple juice. There is a small amount of malic acid – a substance that helps burn fat and reduce fat effectively. In particular, apple juice also contains a lot of fiber that makes you feel fuller and prevent your appetite from being effective.

Unlike other weight-loss functional foods. That often bring about side effects affecting health, apple juice is an extremely safe weight loss method for girls. Because it also provides the body with many other nutrients that help the body be healthy and full of energy.

 #2. Reduce cholesterol in the body, good for the heart

Cholesterol is a fat that helps the growth of cells in the body to be healthy. However, the foods we eat every day such as milk, poultry, organs, egg yolks… The amount of cholesterol in the body increase, causing diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke…

Apple Honey Juice

Apple juice is the savior at the moment, because the amount of fiber and antioxidants in apples helps to reduce large amounts of cholesterol in the body.

Besides, in apples there is also a large amount of potassium to help your heart healthier!

Goodbye insomnia

Help girls say goodbye to insomnia with 5 simple tips. Harmful effects of long-term insomnia image. Life is increasingly rushing and rushing. So for the symptoms of insomnia, women often do not pay attention to or sometimes not intentionally.

 #3. Beautify skin and hair

Apple juice is good for skin and hair, girls. You know, it can be used as a home-based cosmetics to remove skin problems such as acne, chapped, wrinkles …

A large amount of vitamin C in apple juice will help your skin look much fresher and healthier. Apple C is an excellent antioxidant that nature has given to our daughter. It helps protect skin cells from premature aging, neutralizes toxins and gives girls a bright complexion.

Benefit of Apple Juice

Green apple juice has an antioxidant effect

Green apple is a major source of plant nutrition in North America. It’s provide essential antioxidants to help your body fight environmental toxins such as radioactive substances, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke, as well as free radicals created when the body digests real products. In particular, free radicals can accelerate the aging process and put you at high risk for certain diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Not only is it good for your skin, but apple juice also helps you eliminate dandruff, helping your girlfriend have a smooth, healthy hair. Just use apple juice to wash your hair and massage for about 5-10 minutes every day. Just simple and convenient right? Do it today for beautiful skin and healthy hair

White yogurt without sugar image. White yogurt has been proven to be quite effective to bring good sleep to women. Thanks to tryptophan (a good substance for sleep) in this dish. image

 #4. Good for digestion

You may not know, in apple contains sorbitol helps stimulate the activity of the large intestine and excrete toxins outside the body. This also helps you reduce your risk of bowel cancer to the lowest level.

Almost all of us remove apple shells when eating or when pressing water, but it is the pectin in the apple shell that is the key to promoting this digestive process. So, choose organic apple products, ensure food hygiene and safety and wash before use to be able to eat this nutritious apple shell.

Not only that, we all know that the excretory system and digestive problems play a very important role. When the digestive system works well, it helps to discharge toxins out of your body, not only a healthy body but also a beautiful skin.

From today on, let’s practice for yourself a 1 cup apple juice daily to have a healthy digestive system.

Apples are an extremely good fruit for health and beauty of girls. So Misskick recommend that you practice for yourself to drink apple juice daily to be healthy and beautiful!

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