Ariel Laundry Detergent For Washing Machine

Detergent for washing machine

Ariel Laundry Detergent For Washing Machine

According to Ariel company “In the 1960s. Ariel Plus Downy Passion Powder Laundry Detergent 2.5Kg first debuted in the world market. Ariel detergent for washing machine. It’s a time when many people believe they can make a difference in their lives – the time when challenges, idealism and vision are transformed into action. Ariel products have revolutionized the traditional role of women in the country.

Since 1968, Ariel has continually innovated its technology in detergent products. These products gradually improve cleanliness and whiteness with superior cleaning power. Along with Ariel laundry products launched in the market with breakthrough technology to dissolve better, more effective, help stain free.

With constant innovation and creativity. Ariel is currently responding to the growing demands of housewives. Real awareness of environmental issues is becoming more serious than ever, and we are committe to bringing sustainable solutions to the environment.”

Ariel the famous laundry brand of P & G Group. Came to Vietnam in May 2013 and introduced the new Ariel detergent with special formula combining three technologies. Detergent for washing machine. Deep cleaning, stain removal and lightening, help to stain stubborn stains in just one washing step. At the same time, by pioneering the use of enzyme biotechnology. The new Ariel detergent helps to clean the environment and protect the hands of the user. Ariel makes Vietnamese women’s laundry work more lightly, helping to make life better for Vietnamese women. Some kind of Ariel products are ariel professional, ariel washing vietnam wholesale, ariel vietnam wholesale,ariel detergent powder manufacturers, ariel color pulver, ariel color pods, ariel sensitive.


Ariel suitable for washing machine. No matter the shape of the clothes that fit your desires, Ariel Laundry Detergent offers you excellent stain removal in 1 wash. Whether you choose Ariel in detergent, liquid or capsule form, detergent for washing machine. These will help you remove stubborn stains and care for your always bright and vibrant colors.

Good washing powder has to do a lot of functions in a relatively short time. First and foremost, the detergent must quickly release the cleaners. The new Ariel detergent has almost the same composition in dissolved form. Therefore, when added to water, the powder dissolves very quickly. This process is like opening multiple doors at the same time, so that key cleaning agents such as surfactants can be freely released into the water.

Clean up the eye dirt often do not see.

More specifically, Ariel Plus Downy Passion Powder Laundry Detergent 2.5Kg works to cloth to clean stubborn stains such as rust, mud, coffee, tomato … in the course of our daily life, clothes we usually or stick? The laundry detergent ingredients in Ariel detergent are capable of working simultaneously, targeting each other as specific stains, loosening, and separating them from the fabric. Next, the polymers help maintain the adhesion to the dirt and prevent it from sticking back into the fabric. In addition, Ariel detergent also has brightening agents. And the special thing. Ariel Plus Downy Passion Powder Laundry Detergent not only to help clear visible stains, but also clean laundry detergents that are not visible to the naked eye. 

The longer the stain on clothes, the harder it is to remove. The way to remove stubborn stains is to soak the solution by filling the sink or bucket with warm water and Ariel Original detergent for washing machine. Mix well and soak in a dampened detergent solution for one hour. If it continues to rise to the top, use a white towel to keep it immersed. Once it has soaked, gently squeeze the volume before adding it to your wash as usual. That way, your stains will get right before they have a chance to set up.

Use the hottest water setting on your washer to secure the material. Polyester blend is washed with warm water, while cotton can withstand hot water. Hotter water destroys most pathogens and thrives on beds. You should wash your clothes regularly, bed sheets, towels also should not be different. Wash at least once a week. Separate by color. Like clothes, dark or red may tarnish or bleed into brighter color. Dry the sheets out, if possible. Sunlight is a natural antiseptic and helps to brighten the skin. If you can, do this every few months. If weather or time is not allow, dry the bed linen with a fabric softener. Always use iron plates, as the iron helps to kill germs and dirt that can last longer after washing. Ironing also helps keep the paper easy.

Due to the versatility of cotton, you will find a wide selection of cotton garments, from everyday to bed linen. It is a popular choice for summer clothing, due to the breathability of the fabric. Cotton is easy to wash and care because most cotton can be washed and dried.

Ariel laundry detergent for washer driers. You can wash cotton clothes with warm water with Ariel detergent for washing machine and Downy for excellent laundry results. Wash colored items in the wam cold cycle. If you are washing light or dark cotton, you may want to use a lower temperature to wash at 30 degrees to avoid fading and staining. Check cloth care labels. Refer to fabric care labels before washing, as it will vary for each cotton blended material. How to dry cotton fabric? You can dry most of the cotton in the dryer on a warm setting.


How to iron and cotton fabric storage?

Clothing is 100% cotton, very crease and crease easily during washing. Unless it is mix with other fabrics. You should read the care labels carefully for proper instructions before washing and ironing. You will see the best results if you iron the article while it is wet or using a steam iron. Turn the clothes inside out before ironing. When it comes to storing cotton garments, store in a cool, dry place. Since cotton tends to wrinkle, store your cotton items by hanging clothes if possible.

Care tips for clothing, mattresses made from your cotton fabric

When using bleach to remove stains on clothing, cotton-based mattresses. Be careful to limit your cotton garments to detergent. Using more than indicated can damage the fabric or flying color clothes. Protect clothing colors by filling with cold water and using a light laundering cycle.

Each fabric is unique, and when it comes to laundry, each fabric and stain has its own challenges. Ariel Downy passion detergent for washing machine can help you protect your clothes during the first wash with all fabrics.


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