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7UP Soft Drink 330ML



7UP Soft Drink 330ML

Lemonade carbonated beverage 7UP Soft Drink 330ML. Cool 7% natural gas flavored lemonade beverage helps to dispel your thirst. The product contains many amino acids that add energy to your mind. 7up original vietnam wholesale soft drinks are produced on modern technology lines, ensuring hygiene.

Containers of 24 Cans of Fresh Water with Gas 7Up (330ml/can) contains lots of vitamin C for a healthy body and a cheerful spirit every day, is a carbonated beverage with a naturally cool lemon flavor, giving you a refreshing feelingWith moderate sweetness and cool gas flavor. Soft Drink with 7up original vietnam wholesale gas helps you quickly dispel thirst or reduce feelings of feeling sick if you eat a lot of protein in the party.

7UP Soft Drink 330ML carbonated soft drinks are conveniently bottle. So easy to carry on field trips or sports practice sessions.

Soft drinks will be the ideal companion to keep you energetic. There for 7up original vietnam wholesale will help you dispel any feeling of fatigue, stress, especially suitable for use when operating outdoors. Products can be conveniently packe, so easy to carry on picnics or competitions, to practice sports. The drink is a quality product of Pepsico which is popular and trust.

Product information:

+ Brand: Pepsi

+ Cool carbonated soft drinks

+ Dispel the thirst quickly

+ Natural and cool lemon flavor

+ Vitamin C for healthy body

+ Made in Vietnam – 7 Up is a US brand

Ingredients and uses:

Carbonated water accounts for 94% of the composition of fresh water. Carbon dioxide helps replenish sparkling bubbles and also acts as a mild preservative. Carbon dioxide is the only gas suitable for freshwater. Because it is inert, non-toxic, and relatively inexpensive and easy to liquefy.

The second main ingredient is sugar, accounting for 7-12%. Used in the form of dry or liquid, sweet sugar and enhances the feeling of sweetness. 7up original vietnam wholesale is very important for consumers to enjoy soft drinks. So Sugar also helps balance flavors and acids.

With moderate sweetness and cool lemon flavor, carbonated beverage 7UP Soft Drink 330ML helps you dispel thirst quickly or reduce feeling of hunger if you eat a lot of protein in parties.

Contains a lot of vitamin C for a healthy body and a happy spirit every day. Products are bottle easily, easy to carry on picnics or sports practice sessions.

Today, Pepsi is becoming more popular than ever. Pepsi represents everything that comes from carbonated soft drinks, from flavors, choices to a sense of cheerfulness, fun and youthfulness.

Pepsi always tries to be more youthful, different and more suitable than competitors. That’s why Pepsi kept the “simple”, “vibrant” and “refreshing” until now.

User manual:

Use directly, better when drinking cold

Source: https://www.rakhoiwholesale.com/

Additional information

Weight8.7 kg
Dimensions35 x 23 x 15 cm


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