General about Downy Sunrise Fresh

Downy fabric softener is one of the famous surplus water in Vietnam. Produced by P & G Group, a global corporation located in Ohio, USA. P & G’s Downy brand with unique aromatherapy technology contributes to women’s attraction to their charming scent just after touching their clothes. Consumers and especially the shopaholic are very satisfied with the technology making scent that brings life to more attractive and full of floral scent

One of the fragrance lines favored by the office women is Downy Sunrise Fresh (According to Sunico Survey – 05/2017). As many as 13.76% of business women feel more confident when wearing clothing with Downy Sunrise Fresh. This fragrance is in second rank in the top of the favorite fragrances after Downy Passion.

The fresh scent will give out to the opposite person, make you confident all day. It is unique and attractive.

Surplus water contains fabric softener to keep clothes soft, not irritate the skin. Besides fabric softener has the ability to keep clothing color stable, the colors bright and always fresh as the original.

After drying,  the fabric will be smooth and soft to help you ease ironing, comfortable movement. Ability to reduce electrostatic charge on the surface of the dry cloth, which makes it easier to iron clothes after washing. Surplus water are suitable for all fabrics. Non-toxic, ‘non affecting user health. There are plenty of options for you to choose such as 4000ml, 3600ml, 1800ml, 1600ml, 900ml, 800ml, 400ml, 20ml.

Large capacity of 4000ml and 3600ml save cost and time. Compact bottles can be easy to store and help to preserve surpluswater better. Small sizes with compact design is very suitable for single person.

In addition, Downy batter is suitable for a variety of uses such as:

Downy Ultra 1 Banlaw: help clean soap, soft cloth, remain fresh fragrance after only a single discharge, save time, cost for housewives. Product not only help fabrics, clothes soft, durable, bright colors but also help bring pleasant and long lasting scent

Downy Garden Bloom: With the new incense blossom technology from Downy Garden Bloom, your blossom-style blossom will leave your day-long fragrance. Just rinse, clothes was completely cleansed and long lasting scent.

Downy Baby Gentle: water softener uses natural ingredients, mild, long lasting and does not contain dyes. The soft of Downy Baby Gentle gives your baby the same embrace and love of your own.

Downy Antibac: water softener with extraction technology that prevent clothes from bacteria that cause odors to the body and creates a long lasting, soft fragrance on each fabric.

Downy Daring: Formulated between fragrances and macromolecule technology, it will help penetrate deeply into the fabric so that your clothes will always remain fragrant and retain their fragrance longer.

Downy Fusion: a stream of fabric fragrance has attractive and impressive smell. The perfect combination between attractive and passionate scent will help you more charm.

Downy Mystique: distilled from the natural ingredients, help you bring mysterious fragrance and remain the fragrance on clothes for so long. It is suitable for person who like movement, and make your clothes fragrant

Downy Passion: With its seductive scent, the Passion Downy is produced to base on a combination of native ingredients. Combined with the characteristic fragrance, it will help to soften the fabric and help make the garment always fragrant.

Downy Romance: with longer natural fragrant will make you more confident in front of people because of the fragrance on clothes. Formulated between fragrances and macromolecule technology, it will help penetrate deeply into the fabric so that your clothes will always remain fragrant and retain their fragrance longer.

The unique characteristics of each product will meet all your expectations. Hope that the product profile can help you choose the right product. Currently, Sunico is one of P & G’s distributors of Downy fabric softener. With the knowledge about products as well as the customer needs, we are looking forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you. Do not hesitate and contact us to recieve the most detailed advice.

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